Topiary – Artistic shaping shrubs and trees

Topiary gardenTopiary garden - Beckley Park

Topiary – Artistic shaping shrubs and trees

Topiary – Artistic shaping shrubs and trees. Both shrubs and conifers as well as deciduous trees are used to form shapes. It is best to carve: boxwood, thuja, myrtle, laurel, privet or holly. Shaping tools as well as wire frames that give the plants the right shape are used when shaping the shrubs. The technique, which is actually called ars topiaria, was known in antiquity, and then forgotten for centuries, revived in Europe in the sixteenth century. Especially during the Baroque period, it flourished up to the 18th century. Although Versailles are the flagship examples of the outer gardens, they have never been as complex as the somewhat later artistic structures in the Netherlands or England. Where this art spread after 1660. This is one of the most difficult gardening techniques, requires a lot of time and patience. Creating perfect shapes and motifs is not a matter of one season, but often many years of powerful work. You always have to cut out individual twigs of shrubs and trees.

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