New Guinea Singing Dog NGSD – Canis lupus hallstromi

New Guinea Singing Dog NGSD – Canis lupus hallstromi

New Guinea Singing Dog NGSD – Canis lupus hallstromi.
This is one of the most mysterious breeds of wild dogs. Which for the last few decades were considered extinct. There are only 200-300 individuals left in zoos and reserves in the world. These dogs were discovered in 1957 and then recognized as a separate species. Today it is believed that this is a separate breed that has developed over the past 6,000 years. years. They have not been sighted since the 1970s, although natives have reported hearing their distinctive singing.

In 2016, an expedition of scientists found 15 dogs of this breed living wild in the mountains of western New Guinea. They were able to take pictures of them and take fecal samples, but this did not allow for a full analysis of the genome. Another expedition in 2018 gave a better result – blood samples were taken from 3 individuals. Detailed DNA analysis allowed to obtain precise results that confirm that it is the breed most closely related to the Australian dingo.

But definitely different from breeds from East Asia, such as Chow Chow, Akita or Shiba Inu. The research also found that the genome was partially degraded, possibly by inbreeding, but also by crossbreeding with local dogs. Scientists hope that a thorough analysis of the genome can help uncover the secret of the unique singing of these animals.

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