Finder – Thoroughbred horse

Finder - English thoroughbred horse

Finder – English thoroughbred horse.

Finder (born 1999). In 2002, the then three-year-old purebred English horse Finder began racing. However, he never finished better than fifth. Later, however, coach Bobby Lovgren took care of him and discovered a talent for film in him. In 2003, he played the main role in the movie “Seabiscuit” along with other horses, and two years later he appeared in “The Legend of Zorro”. Later also in the movies: “Have you heard of the Mortgans?” and “Unstoppable”. He starred in several television series, such as “CSI: Miami Crime”.

He became the biggest star after playing the role of the stallion Joey in Steven Spielberg’s film “Wartime” in 2011. Joey belonged to the British Albert, but during World War I he was forcibly sold to the British cavalry and sent to France. Albert set off into the din of war to find it. Although the role of Joey was played by a total of 14 horses, mostly from Spain. Finder starred in the most dramatic scenes, including the one with barbed wire, which, however, used rubber barbs. She’s a true Hollywood star, though she probably doesn’t realize it. He even has his own Facebook profile.

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