Ant – Does not suffer from minority complex

Ant - Does not suffer from minority complex

Ant – 100 million years of evolution has developed characteristic features, social behavior, order, hierarchy and numbers unmatched in the entire animal kingdom. According to estimates, the weight of all ants on Earth is equal to the weight of all people. Ants (Formicidae) form a family of insects belonging to the Hymenoptera order. One ant has practically no meaning, but a colony of millions of ants is a perfectly organized mass that knows what it wants and how to achieve it.

They are among the most specialized insects.

They form caste societies – in which each individual has a clearly defined task. The number of species is estimated at about 12,000, but some scientists say that there may be as many as 30,000. Probably even half of them have still not been described. 40 thousand of insects in one colony have as many brain cells as one human. Relative to their body, they have the largest brain in the world. It accounts for about 6% of their total weight, while in humans the brain is about 2%. A queen can live over 20 years and sire up to 150 million descendants.

At night, they lay eggs and larvae deep into the anthill to protect them from the cold. During the day, they move them closer to the top of the nest to keep warm. They can raise the temperature in an anthill by 10°C above the ambient temperature. temp. in the anthill, they regulate the ventilation shafts supervised by the worker caste. Adult individuals are unable to chew and swallow solid food, so they feed on the sweet juice squeezed out of food. Fully fed workers, after returning from hunting, excrete some of the food for the workers working in the nest.

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