THSR 700T – Taiwanese variant of Japanese Shinkansen

THSR 700T – Taiwanese variant of Japanese Shinkansen

  • Speed: 300 km/h
  • Place: Taiwan
  • Route: Taipei – Kaohsiung
  • Number of seats: 989
  • Start of operation: January 05, 2007


THSR 700T – This is the Taiwanese variant of the Japanese Shinkansen. You can tell by the trains, as they were manufactured by the Japanese companies Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Nippon Sharyi and Hitachi. Although the train was launched in 2007, already during test runs in 2005, the train reached a record speed of 315 km/h. The train then began operating on a 345 km route between the cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung. In this way, the machine reduced the journey time, instead of four and a half hours to just 90 minutes.

Necessary improvement

The train currently consists of twelve cars that can carry 989 passengers. The tunnels through which the train passes are built to European specifications with a larger diameter than those in Japan. In 2010, there was an earthquake in Kaohsiung, as a result of which the wheels of the train slid off the track. No one was injured and the train reached the next station after an hour of repairs.

There is no restaurant or bar on the train, but the carriages are equipped with vending machines where you can buy food.

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