ICE3 – These Intercity trains are some of the fastest in Germany

ICE3 – These Intercity trains are some of the fastest in Germany

  • Speed: 330 km/h
  • Place: Germany
  • Route: Mannheim – Frankfurt, Berlin – Munich
  • Number of seats:
  • Start of operation: June 2, 1991

ICE3 – Intercity trains, marked as ICE3, are one of the fastest trains that travel through Germany. The most frequented connection is the route between the cities of Mannheim and Frankfurt. But trains reach the highest speed between Berlin and Munich. They can cover this route in less than four hours. Significant acceleration was made possible by the construction of a 107 km long section with numerous tunnels and bridges. The project cost around ten billion euros (PLN 46.4 billion).

International routes
Currently, 259 trains are in use, which run not only in Germany. They also go to neighboring countries, specifically to Austria, Denmark, France, Belgium, Switzerland or the Netherlands. Trains do not have specially designated separate tracks, as is the case, for example, with the Japanese Shinkansen, they run on “ordinary” lines of the German railway infrastructure. Therefore, they only reach 300 km/h, but only on certain sections.
During operation, there was a fatal accident in Eschede in 1998. When the wheel rim broke while driving at 200 km/h. Of the 287 travelers, 99 died and 88 were injured.

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