Frecciarossa – Experts define it as the most beautiful in the world

Frecciarossa – Experts define it as the most beautiful in the world

  • Speed: 360 km/h
  • Place: Italy
  • Route: Milan – Rome – Naples
  • Number of seats: 470
  • Start of operation: June 14, 2015


Frecciarossa – The Italian high-speed train connects the cities of Milan, Rome and Naples. It was launched for the first time with six trains of eight cars each, up to 200 meters long. Which accommodated 470 travelers. The distance of 600 km between Milan and Rome is overcome in just two hours and fifteen minutes. The railway is not only fast, many experts describe it as the most beautiful in the world. The aerodynamic shape of the train’s head, designed by the Bertone design group, ensures that the train generates minimal air resistance.

With attention to every detail
Air resistance has also been reduced thanks to details such as, for example, the door handles of the carriage. The interior is also interesting, mainly due to the larger panoramic windows that illuminate the train. The constructors met the requirements of the European Union so that the trains could run on all international high-speed tracks, and did not exceed the permissible axle load of 17 tons.
Frecciarossa is called the Green Express because it is allegedly made of 97% recycled material and has low emissions of 28g/km/traveller.

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