AVE Class 103 – Drive along the entire length of the train

AVE Class 103 – Drive along the entire length of the train

  • Speed: 350 km/h
  • Place: Spain
  • Route: Madrid – Barcelona (621 km)
  • Number of seats: 404
  • Start of operation: June 22, 2007

AVE Class 103 – Also in Spain there is a large network of high-speed trains. One of the fastest is the AVE Class 103. It runs on the Madrid-Barcelona route (621 km) and covers it in just two and a half hours. The manufacturer of these trains is the German company Siemens, but the Veraro version is intended for the Spanish railway. During the test drive, the train reached a speed of 403 km/h, but during normal journeys it is 50 km/h lower.

The train consists of eight carriages, adapted for 404 passengers. Unlike other railway cars that are pulled by a locomotive. The train has single technical modules and a drive located under the floor along the entire length of the train. Which allows you to develop more speed. Trains run every thirty minutes during morning and evening rush hours.
The construction of the line between Madrid and Barcelona cost EUR 7.83 billion (over PLN 36 billion), a significant part of the costs was covered by subsidies from the European Union.

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