Anthem of the Seas – A modern transatlantic ship

Anthem of the Seas - A modern transatlantic ship

Anthem of the Seas – A modern transatlantic ship.

  • Shipyard: Meyer Werft, Papenburg, Germany
  • Homeport: Nassau, Bahamas
  • Launching: 20-02-2015
  • Length: 348m.
  • Width: 41 meters.
  • Class: Quantum-class cruise ship
  • Capacity: 4,905 passengers
  • Crew: 1500
  • Owner: Royal Caribbean International, Miami, USA
  • Baptism: April 20, 2015 
  • Decks: 18, 16 for travelers
  • Draft: 8.5 m.
  • Tonnage: 168,666 tons 
  • Drive: diesel, 6 engines
  • Speed: 41 km/h
  • Ship price: $930,000,000

During its construction, space technologies were used to create e.g. a rotating arm with a glass dome located 92 m above the sea. The inspiration here was an arm that works on the ISS space station. Another unusual idea makes the journey more pleasant for passengers occupying inner cabins. One entire wall, from floor to ceiling, is occupied by a huge TV screen, displaying the current view outside.

While on a transatlantic cruise ship, travelers have all the entertainment and amenities at their disposal, but such a cruise is not only about fun. Anyone who wants to can visit many interesting places where the ship calls. Such a trip becomes an alternative for those who want to visit more places at one time. A 15-day Mediterranean cruise aboard Anthem of the Seas, therefore in luxurious conditions, costs 1900 €. That is just under 8 thousand zlotys. Although it seems like a lot, a journey along the coast of Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. With stops in Gibraltar, Marseilles, Rome, Florence, Seville, Lisbon with overnight stays in top-class hotels, it would be much more expensive.

Modern cruise ships are now more than floating hotels. These are huge entertainment complexes where travelers are provided with all possible attractions throughout the cruise. On 16 decks we will find several swimming pools with artificial waves, a parachute simulator in an air tunnel, an artificial ice rink or a glass viewing capsule North Star on an extendable arm. Inside there are: a well-equipped fitness center, casinos, 3D cinemas and a huge theater hall Royal Theater Broadway.

The ship has 2,090 cabins for travelers, most of which have a view of the ocean through a large window or balcony. Internal cabins are equipped with the so-called. a virtual window, i.e. a large screen occupying the entire wall, on which you can watch the live view. The cabins are equipped with a large TV, fridge and safe. The service operates 24 hours a day, and if someone wants to go to a restaurant, they can choose from five, which offer dishes of various national cuisines. For those who feel hungry also at night, a place has been prepared where 24 hours a day we will find full buffet tables and grilled dishes. In addition, there are dozens of clubs, bars and cafes on the ship.

In the entertainment zones, animators try to ensure that travelers have fun, as well as zones for children, where we can safely leave our children under the care of. Another great attraction is the park of the future with rockets, as well as a bionic bar, where the waiter is replaced by a robot. Lovers of shopping, for whom large shopping centers have been prepared, will not be bored either. The boutiques offer the most expensive luxury products of world brands, but also quite ordinary goods, the prices of which are not much different from the prices of duty-free shops at airports.

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