Mercury – Spacesuits for program of the same name

Mercury - U.S. astronaut - Wally SchirraMercury - U.S. astronaut - John H. GlennU.S. astronaut - Alan B. Shepard - On deck of USS Lake ChamplainAstronaut Gus Grissom chats with spaceflight equip. spec. - Joe-W.-Schmidt

Mercury – Spacesuits for program of the same name


  • In use over the years: 1961 – 1963
  • Space ships: Mercury.
  • Mass: 10 kg.

Mercury – Spacesuits for program of the same name. With the use of thermal insulation, on the inside of the suit there was a layer of nylon covered with neoprene. Aluminum nylon on the outside. The protective suit was first worn by Alan B. Shepard (1923-1998), who on May 5, 1961 made the first American space flight, although without orbiting the Earth.

An important drawback of this suit was immediately revealed, as it had no solution to the physiological needs of the cosmonaut. It was assumed that he would spend only a quarter of an hour in space. Although Shepard was weightless for only four minutes, preparations for take-off stretched to eight hours. His successor, Gus Grissom, received a rubber diaper. It was not until John H. Glenn (1921 – 2016), the first American in orbit, had a full-fledged urine collection device at his disposal.

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