Couch grass – Elytrigia repens

Couch grass - Elytrigia repens - Improves metabolism

Couch grass – This type of grass is found in Europe and Asia.

In areas with a continental and subcontinental climate. In Poland it is very common in lowland regions and low mountain ranges. It grows on almost all types of soil, sandy and heavy, alkaline or acidic. It tolerates even mild salinity. Grass is considered a common and very troublesome weed of agricultural fields. In agricultural crops, it reproduces vegetatively, reproducing itself even from small fragments of runners.

It also grows in natural habitats, in thickets and on the edges of forests. It is very resistant to unfavorable environmental conditions and perfectly copes with competition with other plants, in the fight for water and light.

The rhizome contains a number of biologically active substances, such as mucus, saponins and mineral salts. Also silicic acid, organic acids and vitamins A and B, inositol, potassium salts, carbohydrates, inulin and various enzymes. It has a diuretic and detoxifying effect, helps in cleansing and dehydrating the body. It cleanses the urinary tract and kidneys, which reduces edema, gout and rheumatism. It improves metabolism, helps in slimming, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is suitable for diabetics. In addition, it is used in the prevention of liver diseases. Infusions are suitable for skin problems, eczema, psoriasis or acne.

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