Timgad – Second Rome abandoned in heart of desert

Timgad - Second Rome abandoned in heart of desert

Timgad – Second Rome abandoned in heart of desert.
Around 100 CE, during the reign of Emperor Trajan, the Romans set up a military camp in what is now Algeria. Which later served as a settlement for veterans, and finally became a real commercial metropolis with an amphitheater and a library. Over time, it disappeared under the sand of the desert. Falling into complete oblivion.

It was rediscovered only in 1765

During the excavations, archaeologists found 120 blocks of buildings (arranged on a geometric plan, as seen in the aerial photo) and typical Roman buildings. Such as baths, triumphal arches and temples. Timgad was uncovered in its entirety only 150 years later. The uniqueness of the place is the fact that – unlike other ancient cities, which over the centuries have undergone numerous reconstructions. The checkered urban structure is still clearly visible from a bird’s eye view, which makes it an invaluable testimony to the craftsmanship of ancient architects…

It belongs to a large group of ruins of cities scattered around the world, which are relics of the splendor of long-extinct kingdoms and civilizations. Some of them have deteriorated so much over time that their former importance can now only be guessed at. As in the case of the Sudanese city of Sawakin. Even in the 19th century it was one of the most important ports on the shores of the Red Sea. To which valuable goods such as copper, Indian spices and even elephants were brought on ships.

Over 100 years ago, when the city of Port Sudan was established several dozen kilometers away, the island lost its status as the capital of the province, and with it – its strategic importance. The inhabitants soon abandoned it, and the magnificent houses of the rich merchants, built of shell limestone, began to slowly turn to dust.

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