Ellora – Religious complex – Largest temple in the world

Ellora – Religious complex – Largest temple in the world

Ellora – Religious complex – Largest temple in the world.
One of the largest monastic rock cave complexes in the world. It is located approximately 29 km northwest of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. Thanks to its uniqueness, beauty and cultural value, it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1983.

34 temples:

17 – Ancient Hindu (dated 600-900 CE),

Kailasa – Hindu temple, considered the most beautiful of all buildings in Ellora.

12 – Buddhist (dated to 600-800 CE),

5 – Jain (dated 800-1000 CE).

Jainism arose in response to Hinduism and its caste system. Its main idea was non-violence and respect for all living beings.

On the walls of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain temples there are frescoes depicting serpentine creatures. They are much smaller than humans and the authorship of the site is disputed.

There are theories that it is man-made. And that it was created by representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Who used special technologies from other worlds that cut stone like butter. It is estimated that today, with ten punching machines operating, it would take 200 days of uninterrupted excavation to build such a complex.

In Ellora, there are many different ventilation shafts leading to the underground, as well as narrow corridors and underground tunnels where no human can fit. There are hundreds of holes drilled in the floors.

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