Gigantiops destructor – Has the ability to navigate

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Gigantiops destructor – Has the ability to navigate

Gigantiops destructor – Known for his exceptional navigation skills. Based on saving the current landscape image and applying current changes to it. Illinois entomologists focused their study mainly on ants inhabiting the Amazon. Especially in the species Gigantiops destructor, the special feature of which is the ability to jump. The ants of this species first use their perfect eyesight to choose a place to jump. Then, thanks to their long and strong legs, they bounce off the ground, and thanks to their abdomen, they regulate the speed, distance or height of the jump. This species is included in only six types of jumping ants in the world.

They hunt alone, not like most other species of ants that specialize in group hunting. Another difference is their eyes, which are unusually large compared to other species. Thanks to them, they hunt much more effectively and can more accurately estimate the distance from the prey. Needed to make a precise jump. During the study, as many as 300 colonies of these ants were counted per hectare.

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