Zum Roten Bären – The Red Bear Inn

Zum Roten Bären – The Red Bear Inn

Zum Roten Bären – The Red Bear Inn.
Zum Roten Bären – The Red Bear Inn in Freiburg. It is the oldest hotel in Germany and Europe. During the very turbulent history of European inns, which is well illustrated by the history of the oldest of them.

Built in 1120, it survived the plague pandemic that certainly decimated Western Europe. Several wars, rebellions and revolutions and border changes. The city was occupied by Spaniards, Swedes, French and Austrians. Over 900 years, the owners of the Red Bear changed about 50 times. Who bent over backwards to save it from destruction. They served everyone: during the peasant uprising in 1727, they first made it available to the rebel leaders, then hosted the commanders of the army suppressing the rebellion.

The tactic turned out to be so effective that the modernized hotel is still standing today, and guests can see the basement and part of the floor from nine centuries ago through a glass pane.

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