TOI 700 d – Exoplanet from the constellation Dorado

TOI 700 d – Exoplanet from the constellation Dorado

TOI 700 d – Exoplanet from the constellation Dorado.
In early 2020, astronomers managed to discover a planet similar in size to Earth. They discovered it thanks to NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). Designed to search for extrasolar planets using the transit method. The planet TOI 700 d, located relatively close to our solar system, orbits its own star. It is approximately 100 light years from Earth.

The Earth-sized planet is in the habitable zone of its parent star. That is, circulating at such a distance from it that there are conditions suitable for maintaining the presence of liquid water on the surface. This in turn gives rise to presumptions about the existence of life on it. TOI700 is a small, cool M-type dwarf with 30% of the mass of the Sun. There are three planets orbiting a star in the constellation Dorado (Golden Fish).

Several similar planets have been found in the TRAPPIST-1 system named after the TRAPPIST telescope in Chile. Another was discovered by the Spitzer Space Telescope. TOI-700 is about 20% larger than Earth. A year on it lasts 37 Earth days. It receives from the star 86% of the energy supplied by the Sun to the Earth. The exact conditions on it are unknown. But with the information they gathered, the scientific researchers made 20 models of potential environments. Which can prevail on TOI-700. Some of these models suggest that the planet may be habitable and colonized in the future.

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