Sokol – For intravehicular activity only

Sokol – Only for intra-vehicular activity (IVA)

  • In use in the years: 1973 – to present.
  • Spaceships: Soyuz, Shenzhou.
  • Weight: 10 kg.
Sokol – In 1973, soft rescue suits were produced, which are intended only for intra-vehicular activity (IVA). The currently used version of the KV-2 was introduced in 1980 for the Soyuz T-2 flight.

It is the most modern model of the Sokol suit and currently the only one used not only by the Russians (the Chinese National Space Agency bought many suits of this type from Roscosmos for the needs of the Shenzhou program. One of the Chinese manned missions using the Sokol was the Shenzhou 5 flight). These suits are used by space agencies of various countries to this day.

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