SK-1 – Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin space suit

SK-1 – Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin space suit

  • In use in the years: 1961 – 1963
  • Spaceships: from Vostok 1 to Vostok 6.
  • Weight: 20 kg.
SK-1 – The suit was not made to measure, but adjusted with steel cables. An isolation suit was worn over the special underwear, followed by a pressurization suit in case of cabin decompression. Soviet designers struggled because they had only four months to develop the suit. In the end, they did a great job, because by the end of 1960, they had produced eight pieces of the SK-1 suit.

This is what Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (1934-1968) wore during his flight into space on April 12, 1961. To avoid problems with urinating in space, he peed on the back wheel of the bus that took him to the rocket. The ritual, which was supposed to bring good luck, was later repeated by subsequent space flight crews. The suit already had a small crotch sleeve laced up at the end, which could be used if necessary.

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