Nile – The longest river in the world

Nile - The longest river in the world

Nile – The longest river in the world. The distance from source to mouth is 6,671 km. It is formed by the union of the Blue Nile and the White Nile and Kagera.
Ethiopia is a land born of fire. More than 50 volcanoes have formed a landscape of hills and lakes here, forever changing the course of history. To the west, near today’s mountain town of Gish Abay. 6 million years ago, a spring gushed out that gave rise to the Blue Nile – or so it was believed until recently.

Based on the latest scientific research, geologists have concluded that the Nile is older, by as much as 24 million years. Minerals deposited on the Abyssinian Plateau indicate that 40 million years ago the volcanic process that lifted this piece of land began. As a consequence, the area from which the Nile flows 30 million years ago was at an altitude of about 1250 m. As a result, the waters of the Blue Nile – instead of flowing to the west – moved north towards the Mediterranean Sea.

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