Gemini – For space program with two-man crew

Gemini – For space program with two-man crew

  • In use in the years: 1965 – 1966
  • Spaceships: Gemini – For two-man crew.
  • Weight: 7 – 15 kg.
Gemini – Space program with two-man crew that followed the Mercury program. Suits for the mission, which was to carry a two-man crew into space, were made by David Clark. Their advantage was “link net”, a layer that prevents the suit from swelling. It was a special fabric that gave the suit the same shape both before and after inflation. The suits were great for short flights, but for longer missions they caused some discomfort. However, when NASA began planning an exit into open space (EVA), it turned out that in their case the suits would no longer fulfill their function.

G3C suits remained flexible even under pressure. The G4C suit was used for the open space exit (upper body only). Connected to the spaceship by a hose that supplied the astronauts with oxygen. In case of problems, the astronaut would survive up to 30 minutes in it. Later, a comfortable and lightweight G5C suit was made.

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