Vale do Javari – Valley of indigenous peoples in Brazil

Vale do Javari - Valley of indigenous peoples in Brazil

Vale do Javari – Valley of indigenous peoples in Brazil.

At the beginning of March 2019, a 30-man expedition sets off towards Vale do Javari. None of them know what awaits them – or rather: who. Even though this area is the size of Austria, there are only a handful of satellite images of this territory in the heart of South America. Airports, streets or at least paved roads? None of these things. But anthropologists know that the evergreen jungles of Vale do Javari are home to more indigenous peoples than anywhere else in the world. Only during the overflights, 19 villages were spotted. So scientists face a big challenge.

After a week of quarantine (so as not to bring any diseases with them), expedition leader Bruno Pereira and his team delve into the rainforest on several boats along the Coari River. There, for many days, in the company of anacondas, jaguars and poisonous spiders, they seek contact with the natives – until they come across two hunters from the people, whose representatives have never seen a white man before.

The first meeting goes surprisingly smoothly. Moreover, the two brothers lead the researchers to the village, where they meet other members of the tribe. After eating together, visiting a fruit plantation and seeing the weapons used during hunting, Brazilian scientists leave Vale for Javari – the homeland of the last Indians who have not come into contact with our civilization

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