Tasman Sea – Between Australia and NZ – unforgiving sea

Tasman Sea - Between Australia and New Zealand there is a sea that does not forgive mistakes

Tasman Sea – Between Australia and New Zealand there is a sea that does not forgive mistakes.

Andrew McAuley is struggling to hold back tears. On the beach, his little son and wife wave goodbye to him. – “Why am I doing this?” – the Australian traveler asks himself what is recorded by the camera mounted on his kayak. Before the 39-year-old, one of the greatest expeditions anyone has ever attempted. McAuley wants to be the first man to swim solo 1,600 kilometers between Australia and New Zealand using only his muscles.

It is important to know that the route in the Tasman Sea is considered the most unpredictable and dangerous in the world. This is the zone of the Roaring Forties, where extreme winds from the Antarctic Circle lash the ocean, creating waves for many meters, and sea currents tug at everything that moves in and on the water. “It’s the greatest adventure of my life,” says McAuley as he goes to sleep under what looks like a tent coat.

He manages to survive even the most violent storms and a month after launch, on February 9, 2007. And he is only 50 kilometers from his destination. But that night, the New Zealand Coast Guard suddenly receives an emergency call: “Kayak 1 here. I capsized, I’m adrift in the water, I need help!” This is the last sign of life from Andrew McAuley.

A day later, the rescue services find his canoe. The body was never found. Years later, his wife is writing a book about her husband’s latest adventure. But neither can she answer the question he asked himself when he left the bay. Meanwhile, four years ago, New Zealander Scott Donaldson became the first person to cross the Tasman Sea in a kayak. The sea that became the grave of his predecessor.

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