Sigiriya – The rock fortress of Lion Rock in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya - The rock fortress of Lion Rock in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya – Lion Rock Stronghold in Sri Lanka.
Built on a rock monolith. Rising above the plain to a height of 200 meters. In 473, King Kassapa I ordered a palace to be erected here, from which he ruled the kingdom of Anuradhapura for the next 18 years. Until his half-brother put an end to his reign and turned the huge structure into a Buddhist monastery. Abandoned by monks in the 14th century, it fell into ruin. Just like many other ghost towns around the world. Researchers are convinced that many similar mysteries have not yet been solved and more than one lost metropolis is still waiting to be discovered…

Kingslayer's Palace

It was supposed to be the most inaccessible place in the whole kingdom. The rock fortress of Sigiriya (Sri Lanka) can only be reached through a labyrinth of 1860 steps carved in the rock. There, Kassapa I lived a life of fear for 18 years – from the time he murdered his own father in 473 to become king himself. Only on the 200-meter-high Pride Rock did he feel safe, thinking that the revenge of his half-brother Mogallan, the rightful heir to the throne, would not reach him there. But in 491, Mogallan, at the head of a powerful army, attacked the regicide’s army. The usurper died soon after, and the glow of Pride Rock faded with him.

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