K2 – Unpredictable and most dangerous Himalayan giant

K2 - Unpredictable and most dangerous Himalayan giant

K2 – Unpredictable and most dangerous Himalayan giant.

K2 – Chogori – Already in the first camp, the mountain makes it clear to the climber Nirmal Purji and members of his Nepalese expedition what he thinks about this visit. Wind speeds of up to 300 km/h blow away the laboriously brought equipment and tents into the valley. For many weeks, 10 climbers stay at the foot of the giant, waiting for the conditions to improve a bit. Finally, they dare to continue climbing – to the most dangerous mountain in the world: 8611 meters high K2 in the Himalayas.

About 100 daredevils lost their lives here – and only 300 people have managed to reach the top so far. For comparison: about 300 people died on the way to Mount Everest, but there were almost 10,000 successful ascents. Nirmal Purja’s expedition is all the more risky as 10 Sherpas want to be the first winter conquerors of K2 in history.

And so climbers climb steep icy slopes all day long, staying overnight in intermediate camps – at temperatures as low as minus 65 degrees Celsius. Up in the death zone, the low air pressure deprives them of two-thirds of the oxygen they need to breathe. Nevertheless, on January 16, 2021, at 17:00 sharp, they reach the summit and go down in the history of Himalayan mountaineering. All ten Nepalese leave the mountain alive.
“It was the hardest and last challenge,” Purja now comments. And the 38-year-old has another record that has not yet been broken: two years earlier, in just 189 days, he climbed 14 of all eight-thousanders in the world.

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