Georgia Guidestones – American Stonehenge – Mysterious stones

Georgia Guidestones - American Stonehenge - Mysterious stones

In the early morning of July 6, an explosion rocked the town of Elberton, Georgia, in the US. Someone has planted an explosive at the Georgia Guidestones Monument, known as “American Stonehenge”. The remains of the stone monument were razed to the ground so that they would not collapse on visitors.

In the late 1970s, a man going by the pseudonym Robert C. Christian commissioned the erection of six six-foot granite slabs on behalf of “a small group of loyal Americans who believe in God.” Which were to serve as a sundial and an astronomical calendar. Each wall has a message carved into the stone in more than a dozen languages for those who survive a social, nuclear, or economic catastrophe. What, according to the creators of the monument, was to inevitably happen to humanity.

Recommendations to “keep the human population below five hundred million in constant balance with nature.” For the supporters of conspiracy theories, they became proof that behind the Georgia Guidestones there is a conspiracy of Satanists striving to introduce a new order in the world.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene even claimed that the statue was a symbol of the population reduction policy allegedly wanted by the “far left”.

“There is a war going on between good and evil and people are fed up with globalism,” she said in an interview shortly after the destruction of the stones.

Despite the controversy, many Elberton residents were proud of the monument, which was visited by 20,000 a year. tourists. Mayor Daniel Graves believes the monument was evidence of the craftsmanship of local craftsmen. “Only one town in the world could build something like this,” he says.

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