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Medicine - Bacteriophage T4 - Artistic renderingMedicine - Bacteriophage - Bacillus phi29 - Illustration based on electron microscopy dataMedicine - Bacteriophage - Cartoon representation of the entire bacteriophage MS2 protein capsidMedicine - Bacteriophage - Phage injecting genome into bacterial cellBacteriophage – Natural enemy of bacteria fights     disease
Medicine - Bacteriophage T7 - StructureMedicine - Bacteriophage - Artistic rendering - (09-04-2019)Medicine - Bacteriophage Synechococcus S-PM2 - Electron Microscope ImageMedicine - Bacteriophage P2 - View from Electron Microscope
Medicine - Bacteriophage - Artists renderingVirus that feeds on bacteriaInfection at atomic resolution shows how the virus approaches the E.coli membrane and interacts with receptorsLego model - (01-02-2015)
Portrait of Felix d'HerelleProf. Rotem Sorek - Weizmann Institute’s Molecular Genetics DepartmentProf. Bonnie Bassler - In her officeProf. Bonnie Bassler - Talk on bacterial communication

Medicine - Muscular dystrophy - Make A Wish participant enlisted

Medicine - Muscular dystrophy - National Poster Child of the Year

Medicine - Muscular dystrophy - Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Medicine - Muscular dystrophy - Child receiving torch money - Federal Building in Cleveland, Ohio, USAMuscular dystrophy – Is caused by muscle weakness
Medicine - Stem cells administrationDuchenne muscular photo essayDuchenne muscular dystrophy

Medicine - Haemophilia - American practice of surgery

Medicine - Haemophilia - Protein registered with 1cfh code

Medicine - Haemophilia - Protein registered with 2aer code - (18-02-2009)

Medicine - Haemophilia - Family tree of Queen VictoriaHaemophilia – Result is a morbid bleeding tendency
Medicine - Haemophilia - Javier Barbero - World Haemophilia Day 2018World Haemophilia Day 2018University Hospital La Paz, MadridThe diseases of infancy and childhood

Medicine - Huntington's Chorea - George Huntington - (1872)

Medicine - Huntington's Chorea - George Huntington

Medicine - Huntington's Chorea - Huntington

Medicine - Huntington's Chorea - UbiquitinHuntington’s Chorea – Neurodegenerative disorder of     brain
Medicine - Huntington's Chorea - (12-04-2011)Huntingtons Chorea - 20Cortical neuron after immunocytochemical staining with antibodiesInduced Pluripotent stem cells

Medicine - Down syndrome - Blue Apple Theater Hamlet Actors

Medicine - Down syndrome - Charity gifts for children with cancer, the Vanessa Isabel Foundation

Medicine - Down syndrome - 2019

Medicine - Down syndrome - Trisomia

Medicine - Down syndrome - Guy with down syndromeDown syndrome – Chromosomal birth     defect
Medicine - Down syndrome - He just having fun at workPianistNewborn with down syndromeWilliam i Tommy JessopMarch for Life 2019

Medicine - Cystic Fibrosis

Medicine - Cystic Fibrosis - Clubbing of the fingers

Medicine - Cystic Fibrosis - Manifestations

Medicine - Cystic Fibrosis - Young poster childCystic fibrosis – Affects the respiratory and digestive     systems
Medicine - Cystic Fibrosis - CFTR ProteinInfection in the respiratory systemHigh-resolution computed tomography-HRCTNational Genetics and Genomics Education Centre (NHS)

Medicine - Thierry Moungalla

Medicine - WSIS Forum 2013

Medicine - The swearing-in ceremony of the President of Namibia

Medicine - Nigerian advocateAlbinism – The body doesn’t produce melanin
Medicine - Ikponwosa Ero - Nigerian lawyerSalif KeitaStanley Sataan Kaoni - Albinistic former Solomon Islander militant leaderThando Hopa

Medicine - Hands of a girl

Medicine - Hands of three sisters

Medicine - Photo of young woman

Medicine - Treasury of human inheritanceAchondroplasia – The most common cause of dwarfism
Mr. Keizer, the smallest man in the NetherlandsGirl with Achondroplasia and woman with MyxedemaChondrodystrophia foetalisMedicine - An achondroplastic female dwarf

Medicine - L-cysteine - 3D-ballsMedicine - L-cysteine - 3DMedicine - L-cysteineMedicine - L-cysteine - 3DEffective hangover cure – Article “Alcohol and     Alcoholism”
Medicine - L-cysteine - 3D-sticksL-cysteine - zwitterion 3D-ballsAminoacid L-cysteine - 3D-balls - (2009)Aminoacid L-cysteine - 3D-balls - (2007)

Medicine - Superfood - Dish with healthy substancesChlorella - Unicellular algaeMedicine - Superfood - SpirulinaGreen Barley - Fields in ThuringiaMedicine - Superfood - Barley field - (22-05-2015)Superfood – Products with high content     healthy substances
Medicine - Goji berries - (27-12-2008)Superfood - Cranberries - Franklin Farm, section of Oak Hill, Fairfax County, VirginiaMedicine - Flax seedSuperfood - Chia seeds - GermanyMedicine - Kefir - pouring into the glass
Superfood - Fermented dairy products - ButtermilkMedicine - Yoghurt in a steel vesselSuperfood - Oat Products - OatmealMedicine - Superfood - Red-Beetroot - before boltingSuperfood - Green tea Matcha - (06-07-2017)

Products list:

Green products:

Chlorella – Freshwater algae have been in the world for several billion years.

Spirulina – Blue-green cyanosis often confused with chlorella, this organism exists on Earth 3.5 bln years.

Green Barley – Cultivated as the world’s first sweet grass. Most often consumed in the form of a drink.

Dried fruits:

Goji berries – Main advantage of these fruits is the large amount of vitamin C and fiber.

Cranberry – It is especially valued for its high content of vitamins C, K and E.


Flax – The positive effects of eating were already known in ancient Babylon and Egypt.

Chia – Valued and liked by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans.


Fermented dairy products:

Kefir – Especially important for the proper composition of the intestinal microflora.

Buttermilk – It protects the intestinal mucosa. From the formation and absorption of toxic substances.

Yogurt – It helps to strengthen the immune system and lower blood cholesterol.

Oat products:

Oat products – The pioneers in its cultivation were probably the Slavs.


Beetroot – It is one of the healthiest and most versatile vegetables. Comes from Mediterranean basin.

Matcha Green tea:

Matcha Green tea – The oldest Japanese tea that is also used in Buddhist ceremonies.

Medicine - Multiphoton fluorescence image of HeLa cellsMedicine - Multiphoton fluorescence image of HeLa cells with cytoskeletal microtubules and DNAMedicine - HeLa cell - Scanning electron micrographMedicine - HeLa cell cultures - 6.10.2015Medicine - HeLa cells stainedHeLa cell cultures – Cellular biology record
HeLa cells - Scanning electron micrograph of just divided cellsMedicine - Multicolor fluorescence image of living HeLa cell - 1.10.2014Multicolor fluorescence image of living HeLa cells - 1.10.2014HeLa cells - 27.11.2011Multiphoton fluorescence image of HeLa cells

Medicine - VR may cause vomiting - VR-Helm

VR may cause vomiting – Because of motion sickness


Medicine - Three most common allergies - Skin prick testing for allergies

Three most common allergies – Causes of allergy development


Medicine - Human body bacteria - Weight of digestive tract microorganisms

Human body bacteria – Weight of digestive tract microorganisms


Medicine - Chips threat - Health risk caused regular consumption - potato-chips

Chips threat – Health risk caused regular consumption


Medicine - Difference between brain hemispheres - Brain

Difference between brain hemispheres


Medicine - Genius brain-damaged - Autism

Genius brain-damaged


Medicine - Types of people by Ernst Kretschmer - Ernst Kretschmer

Types of people by Ernst Kretschmer


Medicine - Left-handedness two types - photo essay

Left-handedness two types


Medicine - Commoniest blood group - Map of blood group A in the worldMedicine - Commoniest blood group - Map of blood group B in the worldMedicine - Commoniest blood group - Map of blood group 0 in the world

Commoniest blood group – In the world is a type of 0


Medicine - Blood group affects memory - ABO donation path

Blood group affects memory – Causes dementia

Medicine :

Medicine - Camera behind back - Pineal gland

Camera behind back – Experiment with volunteers


Medicine - Strong psychoactive substance - Sucrose

Strong psychoactive substance


Medicine - When you stop smoking - Cigarette

When you stop smoking – What’s going on?


Medicine - Human skeleton contains 206 bones - Appendicular skeleton diagram

Human skeleton contains 206 bones


Medicine - Allow understand another person position - Neuron

Allow understand another person position


Medicine - Cells became active - Giacomo Rizzolatti

Cells became active – Prof. Rizzolatti experiments


Medicine - Magnetic resonance watched brain activity - Prof. Marco Iacoboni

Magnetic resonance watched brain activity

Medicine - HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber, 2008

HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy – Called legal doping

Medicine - Multiple sclerosis - Lymphocyte

Multiple sclerosis – Autoimmune disease


Medicine - Naked human eye reaches far - Andromeda Galaxy

Naked human eye reaches far


Medicine - Processing individual numbers - Numbers

Processing individual numbers


Medicine - Related sleep phases - Polysomnographic recording during REM (awarded EEG and eye movement)

Related sleep phases – In total, there are five


Medicine - Various fear forms - Fear in eyes

Various fear forms – Formed as reaction to danger


Medicine - Intestines - Relationship between the brain - House mouse (Mus musculus)

Intestines – Relationship between the brain


Medicine - First human heart transplant - management Christiaan BarnardMedicine - First human heart transplant - management Christiaan Barnard

First human heart transplant – management Christiaan Barnard


Medicine - Albert Schweitzer - French theologian, philosopher, physician

Albert Schweitzer – French theologian, philosopher, physician


Medicine - First treatment raw penicillin - The general pattern of penicillins

First treatment raw penicillin – Bactericidal effect discovery


Medicine - Human body bacteria - Weight of digestive tract microorganisms

Human body bacteria – Weight of digestive tract microorganisms


Medicine - Old age mental activity - Brain weight with age

Old age mental activity – Number of neurons


Medicine - Alcoholism effects - Alcoholic on street in Spain

Alcoholism effects – Repairing damaged neurons


Medicine - Impact hair thinking - hair arranged in the left side - Celia Gomez

Impact hair thinking – Hair arranged in the left side


Medicine - Men and women brains weight differences

Men and women brains weight differences


Medicine - Physical exercises beneficial effects - Street aerobic exercises, Atlanta

Physical exercises beneficial effects


Medicine - Quick cancer detection - mobilizes the body to defend - Dendritic cell

Quick cancer detection – Mobilizes the body to defend


Medicine - Antimalarial effective drug - isolated Quinine

Antimalarial effective drug – Isolated Quinine


Medicine - Alexander Fleming - discoverer of penicillin

Alexander Fleming – Discoverer of penicillin


Medicine - Valuable properties omega-3 - DHA, omega-3 molecule

Valuable properties omega-3


Medicine - Human body cholesterol origin - Cholesterol chemical structure

Human body cholesterol origin


Medicine - William Harvey - anatomist and physiologist

William Harvey – Anatomist and physiologist


Medicine - Threat associated with stress - ETH in Zurich

Threat associated with stress


Medicine - Napoleon Cybulski - Polish pioneer of endocrinology and EEG

Napoleon Cybulski – Endocrinology and EEG pioneer


Medicine - Max Theiler - Discoverer of vaccine against yellow fever

Max Theiler – Vaccine against yellow fever discoverer


Medicine - Antoni Lesniowski - Polish surgeon

Antoni Lesniowski – Polish surgeon


Medicine - Implants German scientists - Retinal anatomy

Implants German scientists

Medicine - Insomnia



Medicine - Adermatoglyphia - Human hands



Medicine - Brain Map - Brain

Brain Map – Computer atlas of the biochemistry


Medicine - Through stomach to brain - Yogurt

Through stomach to brain


Medicine - Thoughts dictionary - Prof. Michio Kaku

Thoughts dictionary


Medicine - Information transmission from eyes - Human eye

Information transmission from eyes


Medicine - Contact with art - Brass band

Contact with art


Medicine - Human sperm quality - Human semen in petri dish

Human sperm quality


Medicine - On other side of mirror - Bulimia

On other side of mirror


Medicine - Immune system in rhinitis - Chromosome

Immune system in rhinitis


Medicine - Bacteria in human body - Salmonella

Bacteria in human body


Medicine - Hypersomnia (Excessive sleepiness) - Sleep panel

Hypersomnia (Excessive sleepiness)


Medicine - Changes woman's voice - Larynx

Changes woman’s voice – Human biology associates


Medicine - GMO impact on health - Graffiti against GMO, Krucza, Warsaw

GMO impact on health


Medicine - Companionship heart - Chorus of Perm Musical College

Companionship heart


Medicine :

Medicine - Caring for teeth - Healthy gingiva

Caring for teeth


Medicine - First dentists - Dental surgery

First dentists – Appeared in ancient Egypt


Medicine - Possibilities human brain - Brain

Possibilities human brain


Medicine - Brain oxygenation - Chewing gum stick

Brain oxygenation


Medicine - When established chemotherapy - Sidney Farber (1903 - 1973)

When established chemotherapy


Medicine - First blood transfusion - Jean-Baptiste DenysMedicine - First blood transfusion - Richard Lower

First blood transfusion


Medicine - Parkinson's disease symptoms - Sir William Richard Gowers Parkinson Disease sketch, 1886

Parkinson’s disease symptoms


Medicine - Complicated brain - Neuron cell diagram

Complicated brain


Medicine - Photoreceptors in retina - Human Eyeball

Photoreceptors in retina


Medicine - Hemispheres domination - Left hemisphere throbbing

Hemispheres domination


Medicine - Dyslexia gene and hand - Human Brain

Dyslexia gene and hand


Medicine - Left-handedness and schizophrenia - Left-handed sailor

Left-handedness and schizophrenia


Medicine - Narrowed eyes

Narrowed eyes – With a wider field of view


Medicine - Chinese see otherwise - Zhou Yongkang

Chinese see otherwise


Medicine - Rituals, respect and therapy - Woman with traditional tribal tattoos Kutia

Rituals, respect and therapy


Medicine - Endorphins dependent UV rays - Alpha-neoendorphin

Endorphins dependent UV rays


Medicine - Brain response system - Human brain

Brain response system


Medicine - Young blood transfusion - Blood transfusion

Young blood transfusion


Medicine - Parasite causes malaria - Mosquito

Parasite causes malaria


Medicine - Antibiotics - deregulate the immune system

Antibiotics – Deregulate the immune system


Medicine - Interferon - compound protecting against viruses

Interferon – Compound protecting against viruses


Neurohormones - Produced by the nervous tissue

Neurohormones – Produced by the nervous tissue


New blood test

New blood test


Autism and metabolism - Autism

Autism and metabolism


Smoking causes depression - Cigarette in the ashtray

Smoking causes depression – Not clear how exactly


Smoking threatens deafness - Cigarette in ashtray

Smoking threatens deafness


Drug pornography - Porno campaign

Drug pornography – Totally addictive porn


Addictive sunbathing - Sunbathing

Addictive sunbathing – Causes endorphin production


Smoking causes lung cancer - Ashtray

Smoking causes lung cancer


Female smell sense - Human nose

Female smell sense – Menstrual cycle effects


Viagra side effects - Viagra in Pack

Viagra side effects – Decreases perception of colors


HIV in Poland - statistics from 2011 - 2013 - HIV Virus

HIV in Poland – Statistics from 2011 – 2013


Dirty water victims - Dirty water from the river Nile

Dirty water victims – 6000 people


Alcohol supports memory - Drinks on the house

Alcohol supports memory – Greater brain capacity


Cardiovascular disease risk - Bald Man's Nape

Cardiovascular disease risk – Higher among bald men


Dementia risk - The four blood groups

Dementia risk – According American Academy of Neurology


Clogged blood vessels - Scheme of main blood vessels

Clogged blood vessels – Cause is blood group


Rhesus factor during pregnancy - Pregnant woman

Rhesus factor during pregnancy


Most important antigen Rh - Red blood cell on glass

Most important antigen Rh – This is D antigen


Adolescent brain - Four lobes animation

Adolescent brain – Right hemisphere growing faster


Kim Peek -Kim Peek, 16.01.2007

Kim Peek – One of the American savants


Right-handedness causes - Noah's hand

Right-handedness causes – Starts in the womb


Human Microbiome Project - HMP logo

Human Microbiome Project – HMP


Male breast cancer - Male breast nipple

Male breast cancer – Malignant lumps also in men


United States hospitals pagers - Motorola Pager

United States hospitals pagers


Risk diabetes pogrom - Stowarzyszenie Edukacji Diabetologicznej logoRisk diabetes pogrom - Polskie Towarzystwo Diabetologiczne logo

Risk diabetes pogrom


Yoga exercises beneficial influence - Practicing yoga

Yoga exercises beneficial influence


Uric acid

Uric acid – Delay the development of dementia


First in vitro - John Rock

First in vitro


Sperm weight in gold – Over the last quarter century

Fertility forecasts - Sperm

Fertility forecasts – Researchers estimate that in 2035


In vitro in Poland - Puncture in the oocyte during ICSI procedure

In vitro in Poland – 9 thousands treatments per year


Infertile sexual intercourse - Spermatozoid and the egg

Infertile sexual intercourse – Doctors talk infertility


Shameful in vitro - Embryo, 8 cells

Shameful in vitro – In 80s and 90s in Poland


Moon influence sleeping - Sleeping in public transportation on the train

Moon influence sleeping – Sleep and brain activity


Medicine :

Medicine - Red Beetroot - Superfood - before boltingThe healthiest and most universal vegetableMedicine - Beetroot - San Francisco, USA - (05-01-2014)Beetroot – Healthiest and most universal vegetable
Beetroot from Pakistan - (17-01-2009)Medicine - Beetroot - (14-03-2014)Medicine - Variety of Beetroots - (08-07-2017)


Meat promotes cancer - Fresh meat

Meat promotes cancer – Neu5Gc in tumor tissues


Willing to risk – Under influence of Toxoplasma gondii

Protozoan Toxoplasma gondii - Humans fibroblasts infected with a mutant of the Toxoplasma gondii

Protozoan Toxoplasma gondii


Second brain - Anatomy of the human heart

Second brain – Neurocardiologists discovery


Sleeper performs violent movements - Workers taking a nap at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok - Thailand

Sleeper performs violent movements


Brain prediction - Pianist at the instrument

Brain prediction – Recognize problem 0.1 s before it


Pim van Lommel

Pim van Lommel – Dutch cardiologist


Vicky Noratuk

Vicky Noratuk – She remembers every detail


Robert Katzman

Robert Katzman – American neurologist


Rhinoviruses - The protein coat of the human rhinovirus HRV14

Rhinoviruses – Cause common colds


Skin active after death - Sweat on the skin

Skin active after death – Posthumous spots


Brain without oxygen supply - Human brain

Brain without oxygen supply – Cessation of cardiac


Sperm survive death - Human spermatozoa

Sperm survive death – Even a few days

Heart closed system - Surface anatomy of the heart

Heart closed system


Body doesn't give up - Human anatomy

Body doesn’t give up


Abnormal stress reactions - WTC 2nd plane hit - Greenwich Street, 11.09.2001

Abnormal stress reactions


Epidermis falls away every day - Human skin

Epidermis falls away every day


Surface of human skin - Human skin structure

Surface of human skin


Nucleus-cells brain - Diagram of human cell nucleus

Nucleus-cells brain – Complex nano composite body


How many calories needs brain? - Recruiting station, Oklahoma City

How many calories needs brain?


Overloading joint - Joint Scheme

Overloading joint – Cartilage absorb liquid like sponge


Frequency human hair grows back - Human Hair

Frequency human hair grows back


Blondes have maximum - Blonde hair detailed

Blondes have maximum – Having about 150,000 hairs


Older age becomes easier - Happy old man

Older age becomes easier – Faster new muscle cells


Normally heart muscle - Heartbeat

Normally heart muscle – Heart rate healthy adult man


Hot time ambulance service - Ambulance

Hot time ambulance service – Falls between 9 – 10 am


Adrian Raine

Adrian Raine – Criminologist and researcher


Contact pesticides - Monsanto pesticide to be sprayed on food crops.

Contact pesticides – Increases risk of autism


Impregnates - Substances with incredible properties - Carpet in Azerbaijan

Impregnates – Substances with incredible properties


Mirror neurons - Giacomo RizzolattiMirror neurons - Rafal Ohme

Mirror neurons – Responsible for empathy


Kinetosis - Hindley Street, Adelaide, South Australia

Kinetosis – Commonly known as motion sickness


Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson – British artist and cyborgist


Sensitive touch - Oxytocin 3d

Sensitive touch – The sensual intoxication


Shift work - Shift work in NY

Shift work – Causes negative effects


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