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We like aggressive music - Sabaton performing at Bloodstock Open Air 2013We like aggressive music - Satyricon performing at Bloodstock Open Air in 2016We like aggressive music - Alice Cooper performing at Bloodstock Open Air in 2012We like aggressive music - Blind WitnessWe like aggressive music – Strong, sad, full of emotions
We like aggressive music - Ashes of Eden at concert in Montreal in 2005We like aggressive music - Mercy Killing - ExodusWe like aggressive music - Onslaught performing at Bloodstock in 2006We like aggressive music - Rage performing at Bloodstock Open Air in 2006

Human body bacteria - Weight of digestive tract microorganisms

Human body bacteria – Weight of digestive tract microorganisms


Deja vu - Emile Boirac

Deja vu


Spouses similarity - Wedding rings

Spouses similarity

Sex unrecognizable - Sex and nutrition

Sex unrecognizable


Types of people by Ernst Kretschmer - Ernst Kretschmer

Types of people by Ernst Kretschmer

Red, blue, white light tests - surprising results - Red colorRed, blue, white light tests - surprising results - Blue colorRed, blue, white light tests - surprising results - White color

Red, blue, white light tests – Surprising results

Strong psychoactive substance - Sucrose

Strong psychoactive substance


When you stop smoking - Cigarette

When you stop smoking – What’s going on?

Allow understand another person position - Neuron

Allow understand another person position

Facebook friends - Facebook logo

Facebook friends – Aren’t seen too positively

Facebook personality status - Facebook icon reflection

Facebook personality status – Private information

Related sleep phases - Polysomnographic recording during REM (awarded EEG and eye movement)

Related sleep phases – In total, there are five

Various fear forms - Fear in eyes

Various fear forms – Formed as reaction to danger


Growth psychology - Fetal face profile

Growth psychology – Laughter isn’t acquired but innate

Alcoholism effects - Alcoholic on street in Spain

Alcoholism effects – Repairing damaged neurons

Impact hair thinking - hair arranged in the left side - Celia Gomez

Impact hair thinking – Hair arranged in the left side

Aggressive blonde - Blond mohawk girl, Germany

Aggressive blonde

Threat associated with stress - ETH in Zurich

Threat associated with stress

Through stomach to brain - Yogurt

Through stomach to brain

Psychology :

Use of smell - Perfume shelf

Use of smell

Sex influence on advertising - Circa 1975 Wonderbra

Sex influence on advertising

Basic emotions - Universal emotions

Basic emotions

Additional emotions - Emotions

Additional emotions


Contact with art - Brass band

Contact with art


On other side of mirror - Bulimia

On other side of mirror


Dopamine secretion

Dopamine secretion


Delighted delight - Wojciech Gerson - Rapture - Raftsmen

Delighted delight

Hypersomnia (Excessive sleepiness) - Sleep panel

Hypersomnia (Excessive sleepiness)

Female reaction to danger - Nervous woman

Female reaction to danger


Women on dance floor - Menstrual cycle

Women on dance floor

Changes woman's voice - Larynx

Changes woman’s voice – Human biology associates


Fear like perfume - Fear in the eyes

Fear like perfume

Dunbar's number - Dolores Park, San Francisco

Dunbar’s number

Suicides among people - Jumper (suicide) in Dallas

Suicides among people

Halo effect

Halo effect

Internet deprives desire for sex - Depressed

Internet deprives desire for sex

Abstract intelligence - "I'm a Smart Guy"

Abstract intelligence


Practical intelligence - Artificial intelligence

Practical intelligence

Left-handedness and schizophrenia - Left-handed sailor

Left-handedness and schizophrenia


Fear has big eyes - Eye

Fear has big eyes

Chinese see otherwise - Zhou Yongkang

Chinese see otherwise


Emotional disorders in women - Female face

Emotional disorders in women


Psychology - Brain response system - Human brain

Brain response system


Psychology - Looking in future - Stephen Hawking in Jerusalem, 10-12-2006

Looking in future

Psychology - New blood test

New blood test

Psychology - When created word autism - Eugen BleulerPsychology - When created word autism - Autism

When created word autism

Psychology - Memory likes colors - Color palette

Memory likes colors – Using your favorite colors

Psychology - Orange notes - Teleidoscope animation

Orange notes

Psychology - Smoking causes depression - Cigarette in the ashtray

Smoking causes depression – Not clear how exactly

Psychology - Drug pornography - Porno campaign

Drug pornography – Totally addictive porn


Psychology - Addictive sunbathing - Sunbathing

Addictive sunbathing – Causes endorphin production

Psychology :

Psychology - Attractiveness among stressed group - Hair pulling in stress

Attractiveness among stressed group


Psychology - Female breasts attractiveness - Female breasts

Female breasts attractiveness

Psychology - Caffeine consumption - Coffee in cups

Caffeine consumption – Turned out risk of suicide

Psychology - Negative caffeine effect - Turkish coffee

Negative caffeine effect – More than 7 cups of coffee

Psychology - Hallucinations division - Mario Markus - Hallucination

Hallucinations division – Complexity of elementary

Psychology - Alcohol supports memory - Drinks on the house

Alcohol supports memory – Greater brain capacity

Psychology - Music improves mood - Faces of Carl

Music improves mood – By secretion of dopamine

Psychology - How often we lie - Paul Gauguin - "Eve - Dont Listen to the Liar", 1889

How often we lie

Psychology - Near Death Experience - Near Death Experience Illustration

Near Death Experience


Psychology - Human body fungi - Fungus Trichophyton mariatii

Human body fungi – Can literally enslave us


Psychology - Shameful in vitro - Embryo, 8 cells

Shameful in vitro – In 80s and 90s in Poland

Psychology - Verbal IQ - Donald Rumsfeld

Verbal IQ – It grows to the age of 40 years

Psychology - IQ tests results - IQ by Country

IQ tests results – Increase called Flynn effect

Psychology - Primary Mental Abilities - Editorial office

Primary Mental Abilities – Variety of independent skills


Psychology - Protozoan Toxoplasma gondii - Humans fibroblasts infected with a mutant of the Toxoplasma gondii

Protozoan Toxoplasma gondii


Psychology - Robert L.Van de Castle

Robert L.Van de Castle – Issues of dreams


Psychology - Sleeper performs violent movements - Workers taking a nap at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok - Thailand

Sleeper performs violent movements


Psychology - Abnormal stress reactions - WTC 2nd plane hit - Greenwich Street, 11.09.2001

Abnormal stress reactions


Psychology - Maintain concentration - Alarm clock

Maintain concentration – Understand performance


Psychology - Mindfulness rule - Magnifier on encyclopedia

Mindfulness rule – Strategy used by professionals

Psychology - Adrian Raine

Adrian Raine – Criminologist and researcher

Psychology - Nation without humor sense - Prince Joachim of Prussia in uniform

Nation without humor sense – Confirmed by research

Psychology - Mirror neurons - Giacomo RizzolattiPsychology - Mirror neurons - Rafal Ohme

Mirror neurons – Responsible for empathy

Psychology - Kinetosis - Hindley Street, Adelaide, South Australia

Kinetosis – Commonly known as motion sickness


Psychology - Syllogomania - Compulsive hoarding - pathological gathering

Syllogomania – Mental disorder pathological collecting


Psychology - Sensitive touch - Oxytocin 3d

Sensitive touch – The sensual intoxication


Psychology - Caress frequency - Mary Cassatt - "The Child's Caress" 1890 r

Caress frequency – Particularly pleasing sensations

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