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Xerox – Known for production of copiers and printers

Xerox – The company, known primarily for the production of copiers and printers, was founded in 1906 in Rochester in the USA. Initially, it focused on the production of photographic paper. Chester Carlson in 1938 created the first photocopier in the laboratory. Gradually, the company began to specialize in the production of copiers. In 1956, the 914 model was released to the market. It was the first fully automatic office copier. Later, the company started cooperation with Apple. It is no secret that in 1963, Douglas Engelbart presented the design of the device, which began to be called a mouse. It was to make it easier to control a computer with a graphical interface. Xerox also produced personal computers. The most famous is Alto. Despite the revolutionary idea, the board decided not to sell the device. They invited Steve Jobs, who liked the project so much that he immediately used it in his project Lisa, which he worked on. Other known products include the 9700 laser printer, Ethernet and electronic paper known as the SmartPaper.

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