Giant Wisteria – In California largest in the world

Giant WisteriaGiant WisteriaGiant WisteriaGiant WisteriaWistaria Festival 2016 - Sierra MadreWistaria Festival 2016

Giant Wisteria – In California largest in the world

Giant Wisteria – In California largest of world. In the wild state occurs, among others in Japan and the USA. It resembles a tree, but it is actually a climbing plant of the bean family. One of the most famous specimens is found in Ashikaga Park in Japan. It is supported by special piles. It is 150 years old and is recognized as the oldest plant of this species in the whole country. Although it covers an area of nearly 2 thousand. m², it is still more than half the size of the largest in the world. Record holder is growing in Sierra Madre, California. It covers an area of nearly 4 thousand. m², which corresponds to more than half of the football field. Its weight is estimated at about 259 tons. It’s about the same as the weight of 5 trucks loaded to the brim.

Long-lived companies – Record holders are real Methuselah’s

Kongo Gumi

Long-lived companies - Kongo Gumi

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan

Staffelter Hof

Zum Roten Bären

Long-lived companies

The Olde Bell

Long-lived companies

Sudo Honke

Sudo Honke

Long-lived companies - Sudo-Honke


Long-lived companies - Frapin

R. Durtnell and Sons

R. Durtnell and Sons

Long-lived companies - Poundsbridge-Manor

Long-lived companies – Record holders are real Methuselah’s

Long-lived companies – Record holders are real Methuselah’s, operating continuously for over ten centuries. Tokyo Shoko Research agency dealing with market research since 1892. It found over 5.5 thousand enterprises that have existed for at least 200 years.
More than half of long-lived companies operate in Japan. There are six in the top ten. Among the aforementioned 5.5 thousand – up to 3100. As the reason for this dominance, scientists point to the island’s location of the country and centuries-old isolation.
Most of these long-lived businesses are family businesses, emphasizes prof. Toshio Goto from Japan University of Economics. He sees the root cause of their longevity in the system known as Ie. It is a set of rules determining the position of individual family members, and most importantly – the rules of inheritance of property.

Ie system

It began to take shape in the XII century, when Japan plunged into the chaos of civil wars. The survival of families living in constant danger depended on the strength and intellect of their leaders. According to eternal tradition, the eldest son should be the head of the family. In wartime, however, this only worked if he had the warrior’s qualities and talents. If he did not have them, the family was in grave danger.
To prevent it, the so-called adoption Ie. It consisted in the fact that the aging patriarch of the family found a young, promising man. Which he provided with appropriate education. When the chosen one met his expectations and proved himself in battle, he became the official heir. All other family members had to submit to him. The Ie system thus replaced traditional blood ties and prevented the division of property between heirs. As a result, the estate, workshop, and trading company passed from generation to generation in an unchanged form.
Rules tested in warrior families were adopted by other social groups, especially merchants and craftsmen. In the XVII century, Ie was formally introduced into the legal system and was in force until the end of World War II. When civil law changed under pressure from Americans, it gave all children equal shares in the parents’ estate. This threatened old family businesses, but the tradition turned out to be strong enough that many of them survived to this day. Professor Toshio Goto calls them the Japanese treasure.

Record holders list:

Kongo Gumi – Japanese construction company is record holder. 1427 years of existence,

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan – Traditional Japanese hotel – ryokan. 1315 years of existence,

Staffelter Hof – Oldest winery in Europe. 1158 years of existence,

Zum Roten Bären – Hotel The Red Bear. 900 years of existence,

The Olde Bell – Oldest english hotel in Hurley. 885 years of existence,

Sudo Honke – Sake brewery oldest of world. 879 years of existence,

Frapin – Cognac producer from Grande Champagne. 750 years of existence,

R. Durtnell and Sons – Oldest european construction company. 429 years of existence,

Fort Jefferson – Florida, USA – In left fortress-reserve

Fort Jefferson - Florida, USAFort Jefferson - Florida, USAFort Jefferson - Florida, USAFort Jefferson - Florida, USAFort Jefferson - Florida, USAFort Jefferson - Florida, USAGarden and Bush Keys - FloridaGarden and Bush Keys - FloridaFlorida Keys - (02-05-2014)Florida Keys - (02-05-2014)

Fort Jefferson – Florida, USA – In left fortress-reserve

Fort Jefferson – On the Florida Keys, it was supposed to be a fortress for eternity, but life verified these bold plans. It gave shelter to soldiers for only a few years. This is one of the most ambitious construction projects in US history: thousands of workers worked on the Garden Key island. Who used nearly 16 million bricks for nearly 30 years to build the largest fort on the American coast. It was built on a hexagon plan, its walls were 14 m high, and the space in it was enough for: 450 cannons, 1500 soldiers.

The problem was that the fortress was named after President Thomas Jefferson. Most of the time it was simply unnecessary. That is why the government began to use it as a place of isolation for political prisoners in the Civil War. That was until 1867.
When an epidemic of yellow fever broke out in the fort. One of her first victims was a prison doctor. So, to stop the rampant disease, he began, Dr. Samuel Mudd – serving life imprisonment for participating in the plot for the life of Abraham Lincoln. He succeeded: he saved hundreds of prisoners and guards. Mudd was pardoned and the prison was soon closed.

Today there is a bird sanctuary in the abandoned fortress. It is also one of the favorite diving spots on the Florida Keys.

Centralia – Pennsylvania, USA – Under city eternal fire

Centralia - Pennsylvania, USACentralia - Pennsylvania, USACentralia - Pennsylvania, USAPennsylvania - (01-01-2005)Columbia County, Pennsylvania, USACity Skyline (06-07-2010)

Centralia – Pennsylvania, USA – Under city eternal fire

Centralia – Although a fire goes crazy underneath, a handful of residents still refuse to leave it. They hide from the authorities, which gives the city a mysterious aura. Until the 1960s, Centralia was a town like many in the east of Pennsylvania. About 1500 people lived and worked there. Most of them were employed in the mines – until in 1962 the spark from a nearby garbage dump jumped to the adit, setting fire to coal.

In the following years

Flames gradually expanded under the city. In buildings suddenly started fires, whose flames ​​penetrated earth. Embracing home gardens, and the trees turned into ashes from day to day. Centralia’s underground has become a hell. The government announced the evacuation – it was estimated that the flames had enough fuel to burn for 250 years. Putting out this fire would cost over $ 660 million. That is why politicians decided on a much cheaper option: resettlement of residents.

Northrop F-89 Scorpion – Top 10 night fighter planes

Northrop F-89 Scorpion - (01-01-1954)Northrop F-89 Scorpion - (14-10-2006)Northrop F-89 ScorpionUSAF - Northrop F-89 Scorpion - 59th Fighter-Interceptor-Squadrons437th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron - (01.01.1955)119th Fighter Group - The Happy Hooligans - North Dakota-(01.01.1965)433d Fighter-Interceptor Squadron - Ladd-AFB-Alaska-(01.01.1956)USAF-Dyess Linear Air-Park - Dyess - AFB-Texas-USA - (28-04-2009)

Northrop F-89 Scorpion – Top 10 night fighter planes

  • Place: USA
  • First flight: 1948
  • Built: 1050 pcs.

Northrop F-89 Scorpion – Trying to replace the “Black Widow” Northrop P-61. A slightly better night fighter, American designers developed the F-89 Scorpion. It was a self-supporting medium wing, capable of operating regardless of weather conditions. It had: 2 seats, 2 Allison J35 engines, all-metal construction. It was the first aircraft armed with nuclear weapons – intended for aerial combat.

Northrop P-61 – Top 10 night fighter planes

Northrop P-61 Black WidowNorthrop P-61 Black WidowNorthrop P-61 Black Widow - NACANorthrop P-61 Black Widow - CaliforniaBlack Widow - 427th Night Fighter Squadron - (01-01-1944)Black Widow - 548th Night Fighter Squadron - The Spook - (01-01-1944)Green airborne - (05-06-2005)Black Widow - San-Diego - Air-and-Space-Museum - (01-07-2016)

Northrop P-61 Black Widow – Top 10 night fighter planes

  • Place: USA
  • First flight: 1942
  • Built: 742 pcs.

Northrop P-61 Black Widow – The “Black Widow” aircraft from the manufacturer Northrop Corporation was the only fighter of World War II. From the beginning, designed exclusively for night flying. The basic equipment included: a large American SCR-720 Al radar mounted on the bow, a turret with 4 12.7 mm machine guns, and four 20 mm cannons mounted permanently under the fuselage. Immediately after the war, several dozen of these aircraft were rebuilt to the F-15 Reporter version. Dedicated only to take photographic images. From 1955, the US withdrew both types of aircraft.

Tanker Odyssey – Biggest oil spills

Tanker Odyssey - Oil spill and fire - 1988Tanker Odyssey - Oil stain after spill - 1988Tanker Odyssey - Art presenting tragedy of animals after oil spill in 1988Odyssey - Animals after oil spillOdyssey - Aerial view

Tanker Odyssey – Biggest oil spills

  • Place: Canada
  • Date: 19 November 1988
  • Amount of spill: 162 180 000 liters
  • Costs: $ 86,7 mln

Tanker Odyssey – An American ship exploded about a thousand kilometers, off the east coast of Canada. About 162 million liters of crude oil spilled out of it into the open sea. That fateful day he sailed from Shetland to Canada. About 2,000 km off the coast of Newfoundland, a sea storm caught him. There was an explosion on the ship. As a result, it broke into two parts and sank. The Passat ship arrived the fastest, after an hour. But because of the flames, he couldn’t get close to one kilometer. 27 crew members were killed on board.

Ixtoc 1 – Biggest oil spills

Ixtoc 1 - Oil well blowoutIxtoc 1 - Oil well blowoutOil well blowout - NOAA PhotoOil well blowout - NOAA Photo

Ixtoc 1 – Biggest oil spills

  • Place: Gulf of Mexico
  • Date: 3 June 1979
  • Amount of spill: 531 017 565 liters
  • Costs: $ 283,9 million

Ixtoc 1 – An oil well belonging to the Mexican oil company Pemex. It was in the Gulf of Mexico, almost 1,000 km off the coast of Texas. At that time, the company was extracting oil from a 3 km deep well. When a huge explosion broke out. This caused a pressure difference, resulting in the leakage of tens of thousands of barrels of oil. In a few days, a huge oil spill, 640 km long. It approached the coast of Texas.

How to stop oil

Attempts to stop the oil flow failed. Because the wind was constantly changing and the heavy oil fell below sea level. And although floating limiters were placed on the surface, the oil continued to flow through them. The United States government has been struggling with the stain for over two months. Pemex himself refused to participate in the costs of cleaning work.

Oil stain in Kuwait – Biggest oil spills

Oil stain in Kuwait - 1.01.1991Oil stain in Kuwait - 1.01.1991Oil stain in Kuwait - 5–14 June 1991Oil stain in Kuwait - 08.03.1991Oil fires in Kuwait - 7-April-1991Oil well fires rage outside Kuwait City - 21.03.1991Oil well fires south of Kuwait City - 01.03.1991

Oil stain in Kuwait – Biggest oil spills

  • Place: Kuwait
  • Date: 19 January 1991
  • Amount of spill: 906 300 000 liters
  • Costs: $ 484,5 million

Oil stain in Kuwait – The largest oil-related disaster took place during the Gulf War. This was not due to a technical defect or explosion, but to planned sabotage. Oil was released by the Iraqi army. Whose goal was to slow down US troops planning to take over Kuwait. To prevent further leakage, US Air Force destroyed the oil towers. According to international research, 5.7 barrels of oil spilled into the sea. Later, it was even speculated that Saddam Hussein wanted to light all continuous reserves. Thus destroy the global economy. Fortunately, this did not happen.

Animals in danger

A layer of oil, 12 centimeters thick, covered the sea over an area of ​​over 4,000 km². It has affected the entire marine ecosystem. While US soldiers could bypass the contaminated area. Animals did not have this option anymore. At least 30,000 sea birds wintering there have died. And a large number of fish. A quarter of the Kuwait desert was also flooded with oil.

Records among trees – What we owe to trees

Records among trees - Palm Beach of Preveli -  with the mouth of Megalopotamos river - CreteRecords among trees - Trails in forest on a mountainside - Plužna, Slovenia - (2017-05-07)Records among trees - View of trail in forest - Jyväskylä, Finland - (2015-11-01)

Records among trees – What we owe to trees

Records among trees – The largest trees are often giant plants. Which began to grow at the same time as people founded the first cities.
Trees began to grow on Earth about 370 million years ago. Currently, about 100,000 grow on Earth. tree species. Of which 8,000 species are threatened with extinction, and almost 1,000 are in critical condition.
The forest presents a unified and connected system, capable of communication and mutual assistance. The trees communicate with each other. They help and provide each other with missing ingredients.

List of records among trees:

Sequoia sempervirens - Redwood National Park, CaliforniaRedwood National ParkSequoia sempervirens - Redwood National Park

Redwood evergreen – Sequoia sempervirens

Records among trees - Giant Mammoth - Sequoiadendron giganteum - General ShermanRecords among trees - Giant Mammoth - General ShermanRecords among trees - Sequoiadendron giganteum - (General Sherman)

Giant Mammoth – Sequoiadendron giganteum

Records among trees - Mexican cypress - Taxodium mucronatum - El Árbol del TuleRecords among trees - Mexican cypress - El Árbol del TuleRecords among trees - Taxodium mucronatum - El Árbol del Tule

Mexican cypress – Taxodium mucronatum

Records among trees - Abies squamata - Botanic Garden, Dresden, Germany - (2013-12-10)Records among trees - Fir - Abies squamata - Botanic_Garden_Dresden-Germany- (2013-12-10)

Fir – Abies squamata – Highest growing tree

Records among trees - Bengal ficus - Ficus benghalensis - Thimmamma marrimanu

Bengal ficus – Ficus benghalensis

Aspen grove - Fishlake National ForestPando - Utah, United StatesTrunk or stem

Pando – Thousands trunks grows out one root system

Old Tjikko - Fulufjället-Dalarna-Sweden - 9550-years - (2015-08-19)Norway spruce - Picea abies - Old TjikkoOld-Tjikko - Fulufjället - (2015-08-19)

Norway spruce – Picea abies – Old Tjikko

Highmountain willow - Salix herbacea - Botanic-Garden - Berlin, Germany (2018-05-22)Salix herbacea - Fruits found near Wildgrat - Austria - at 2490 m. - (2007-07-25)Salix herbacea - (2015-07-02)

Highmountain willow – Salix herbacea