New type of clouds – Asperitas (Undulatus asperatus)

New type of clouds - AsperitasNew type of clouds - AsperitasNew type of clouds - AsperitasNew type of clouds - Asperitas

New type of clouds – Asperitas (Undulatus asperatus)

New type of clouds – Asperitas (formerly known as Undulatus asperatus). Meteorologists distinguish 10 types of clouds. But a certain mysterious formation discovered a decade ago. We are stubbornly involved in this degree that a separate variety has been introduced especially for it – for the first time in 60 years! It was introduced to the classification by the founder of cloud appreciation society, Gavin Pretor-Pinney. This is the first since 1951 (after cirrus intortus) added to the New International Cloud Atlas of the World Meteorological Organization. Which new edition appeared in 2017 What separates the so-called. Asperitas (what in translation means as much as “Stormy”) from other clouds, is their uneven and very uneven basis. This formation rarely appears in Poland, for this in the USA is observed regularly. Especially in the areas of the Great Plain, East of the Rocky Mountains.
Since their discovery, in the United States, there were observed m. In. In Norway, Scotland, France, Estonia and Poland.

Kiwi Chinese gooseberry – Most often cultivated Actinidia deliciosa

Kiwi Chinese gooseberry - Actinidia deliciosaKiwi Chinese gooseberry - KiwifruitKiwi Chinese gooseberry - Kiwifruit (2)Kiwi Chinese gooseberry - Kiwifruit cross section

Kiwi Chinese gooseberry – Most often cultivated Actinidia deliciosa

Kiwi Chinese gooseberry – With over 50 species of kiwi, the most popular is Actindia deliciosa. In China, the fruits of woody Actinidia vines with a green jelly-like flesh in a rough skin have been eaten for a long time. With time, this Chinese gooseberry was cultivated in New Zealand. There, American soldiers stomped on it, stationed on the island during World War II. In the 1960s, farmers introduced these fruits to their export offer. But to increase their market attractiveness, they changed their name to kiwi. Today, New Zealand is one of the largest kiwi exporters in the world, and its symbol is the non-flying kiwi birds.

We like aggressive music – Strong, sad, full of emotions

We like aggressive music - Sabaton performing at Bloodstock Open Air 2013We like aggressive music - Satyricon performing at Bloodstock Open Air in 2016We like aggressive music - Alice Cooper performing at Bloodstock Open Air in 2012We like aggressive music - Blind WitnessWe like aggressive music - Ashes of Eden at concert in Montreal in 2005We like aggressive music - Mercy Killing - ExodusWe like aggressive music - Onslaught performing at Bloodstock in 2006We like aggressive music - Rage performing at Bloodstock Open Air in 2006

We like aggressive music – Strong, sad, full of emotions

We like aggressive music – Strong, sad, full of emotions – We are more willing to choose sad, troubling and full of anger songs. This phenomenon was observed by analysts from Lawrence Technological University. They used an automated system to evaluate the lyrics of the most popular songs listed on the Billboard Hot 100 list from the end of the 1950s until the end of 2016. In total, about 6,000 works were examined. The algorithm assigned each emotional value, and then the average for the whole year.
As Kathleen Napier and Lior Shamir, who analyzed this data, observed, the most optimistic, joyful songs are the oldest ones. From that time on, anger, fear and sadness began to take over to reach the apogee in 2015. Only the middle of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s breaks from this trend.
As the researchers emphasize, it does not mean that the music itself has changed

Increasing aggression in the text layer does not mean growing aggression of the creators. This is a sign that the tastes of music consumers have changed

– says Lior Shamir. –

We just want to listen such things.

Long ago forbidden – Today completely normal

Long ago forbidden – Today completely normal

Long ago forbidden – Today something completely normal:

Long ago forbidden - Football - icon

1. Football: 4 bln fans

In the XIV century England men have to train archery,
and do not waste time on games. Effect: banning football.

Long ago forbidden - Christmas in art

2. Christmas

England, between 1644 and 1660: the Puritans forbid festivities in days
winter solstice – already celebrated by pagans.

Long ago forbidden - Chess

3. Chess

Year 1254: King of France Louis IX considers this strategy game
too boring and useless, so it is forbidden to think about it.

Long ago forbidden - Popcorn

4. Popcorn

In the era of silent film popcorn is considered a cheap snack of the street people,
therefore it is banished from the “luxury” cinemas.

Long ago forbidden - Bowling game

5. Bowling game

In the years 1366-1477 in England only aristocrats can play bowling.
You have to pay 100 pounds for running the bowling alley.

Long ago forbidden - Trousers for women

6. Trousers for women

For 214 years law prohibits Parisiennes wearing trousers.
The law finally disappears in 2013.

Long ago forbidden - Credit card - front

7. Credit cards for women

Until 1974, American women can get a credit card,
only with the consent of her husband.

Long ago forbidden - Coffee - Antoccino Espresso

8. Coffee shops

In 1675, King of England Charles II tries to forbid coffee shops – from fear
that his critics could plan a rebellion there.

Long ago forbidden - Swimsuit

9. Swimsuits

In the early XX century, American cities issue regulations
with a minimum length of swimsuits.

Long ago forbidden - Scrabble

10. Scrabble

Communist dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu,
forbids this game as “over-intellectualized”.

AMD – Advanced Micro Devices

AMD - Radeon HD-7870AMD - Ryzen 1800XAMD - Sapphire Radeon HD-7750

AMD – Advanced Micro Devices

AMD – Advanced Micro Devices – An enterprise that manufactures processors, APUs, GPUs and chipsets. It was established on May 1, 1969 in Sunnyvale in the United States. Currently, AMD also provides APU and GPU for Playstation and Xbox consoles. A known product is, for example, Radeon graphics processors. They are mounted on Radeon and FireGL graphics cards. Other well-known companies involved in the production of graphics cards and other computer accessories are ATI and nVidia.

Intel Corporation – Largest integrated circuits manufacturer

Intel Corporation - logoIntel Corporation - Intel Centrino 2 ASUS U6V - TaiwanIntel Corporation - HQ (Santa-Clara, CA, USA)

Intel Corporation – Largest integrated circuits manufacturer

Intel Corporation – An American company founded in 1968 is one of the largest manufacturers of semiconductor chips. It is particularly known for computer processors. They are able to release over 100 million units annually, which is about 75% of the world production. In addition to personal computer processors, they also produce PDAs, chipsets, flash memories, telecommunications chips and home multimedia devices. But there are also graphics cards in the resources.

Xerox – Known for production of copiers and printers

Xerox - logoXerox - Apple LisaXerox - Alto

Xerox – Known for production of copiers and printers

Xerox – The company, known primarily for the production of copiers and printers, was founded in 1906 in Rochester in the USA. Initially, it focused on the production of photographic paper. Chester Carlson in 1938 created the first photocopier in the laboratory. Gradually, the company began to specialize in the production of copiers. In 1956, the 914 model was released to the market. It was the first fully automatic office copier. Later, the company started cooperation with Apple. It is no secret that in 1963, Douglas Engelbart presented the design of the device, which began to be called a mouse. It was to make it easier to control a computer with a graphical interface. Xerox also produced personal computers. The most famous is Alto. Despite the revolutionary idea, the board decided not to sell the device. They invited Steve Jobs, who liked the project so much that he immediately used it in his project Lisa, which he worked on. Other known products include the 9700 laser printer, Ethernet and electronic paper known as the SmartPaper.

HP – Founded in 1939 in United States

HP - Hewlett-Packard logoHP - HP LaserJet 4HP - HP Pavilion dv6618eoHP - HP Elitebook 8770w

HP – Founded in 1939 in United States

HP – Hewlett-Packard was founded in 1939 in the American city of Palo Alto. Currently deals with information technology. It specializes in the design and production of computer hardware, software and mass storage. It is known especially as a manufacturer of printers, personal computers, scanners, notebooks and servers. Hewlett-Packard focuses primarily on home use, small and medium sized offices and public administration. Since 1990, expanded the product line with computers to scientific university research. Hewlett-Packard is one of the largest personal computer retailers in the world. Even managed to outdo Dell. It can boast over one billion clients in over 170 countries. It is also the leader among ink manufacturers of one and multi-functional printers. This is confirmed by the number of such devices produced weekly. A million printers in such a short time are not enough. HP employs approximately 321 thousand employees around the world.

Mostly practiced sports – 10 most popular disciplines

Mostly practiced sports – 10 most popular disciplines in the world:

Mostly practiced sports - Football - pictogram1. Football: 4 bln fans
It is practiced all over the world. In Poland, sports clubs play over 300,000 people.
Mostly practiced sports - Cricket - pictogram2. Cricket: 2,5 bln fans
A team game based on bouncing the ball with a stick. The most popular is in Great Britain and its former colonies.
Mostly practiced sports - Field hockey - pictogram3. Field hockey: 2 bln fans
Team game is popular mainly in Western Europe, South Asia, South Africa and Australia.
Mostly practiced sports - Tennis - pictogram4. Tennis: 1 bln fans
The History of tennis dates back to the 12th century. Its original form evolved in French … monasteries.
Mostly practiced sports - Volleyball - pictogram5. Volleyball: 900 mln fans
Volleyball is popular especially in Europe and America.
Mostly practiced sports - Table tennis - pictogram6. Table tennis: 875 mln fans
Also known as ping pong, it is played and is seen mainly in Europe and Asia.
Mostly practiced sports - Basketball - pictogram7. Basketball: 875 mln fans
This sports discipline is particularly popular in the USA. Around 450 million people throw in the basket all over the world.
Mostly practiced sports - Baseball - pictogram8. Baseball: 500 mln fans
Team game derived from with cricket, very popular in the United States.
Mostly practiced sports - Rugby - pictogram9. Rugby: 475 mln fans
This discipline requiring great physical effort is mainly cultivated in the Great Britain, RSA and on the antipodes.
Mostly practiced sports - Golf - pictogram10. Golf: 450 mln fans
North America, Western Europe, East Asia – golf is popular primarily in developed countries.

Vladimir Leonidovich Levin – Caught by partner help

Vladimir Leonidovich Levin - Caught by partner help

Vladimir Leonidovich Levin – Caught by partner help

Vladimir Leonidovich Levin – born in 1971, St. Petersburg, Russia. He carried out the largest computer theft for 100 dollars. This hacker really stands out from the others. It is not widely known, but he was the initiator and executor of the largest computer theft in history .

After studying, Levin for $ 100 bought access codes and passwords from the ArkanoiD hacking group to the American Citibank. It was gradually transferring the sum of 10.7 million dollars to bills in the USA, the Netherlands, Finland, Germany and Israel. Any transactions were made during rush hour. At the bank, this was noticed when 400,000 dollars were missing. The Russian police did not want to cooperate with the FBI, which is why Levin’s shot was not easy. The Americans forced his partner to invite him to London, where he was captured and taken to the USA. Vladimir Leonidovich Levin was sentenced to 3 years in prison and to pay a fine of 240,000 dollars. Since then, Citibank has one of the best security systems.