Sunspots registry – Program run since 1826

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Sunspots registry – Program run since 1826

Sunspots registry – The longest regular scientific research in the world is the record of the number of spots on the Sun created since 1826.
The research program was initiated by the German amateur astronomer Samuel Heinrich Schwabe. He watched the Sun regularly for 17 years because he wanted to observe a planet previously unknown to science called the Volcano.
Moving against the backdrop of the solar disk. Of course, he found nothing – only Mercury and Venus are between Earth and the Sun. Known since antiquity – but his observations have determined that the activity of our nearest star changes regularly.
Schwabe’s achievements inspired Rudolf Wolf, head of the Bern observatory. Which from 1848 continued to record spots and collected historical data on this subject. Dating back to the early 17th century

Spot counting system developed by Wolf.

Accepted astronomers around the world. Almost 100 observatories are currently observing this phenomenon. Both professionals and amateurs.

Suicides among people

Suicides among people - Jumper (suicide) in Dallas

Suicides among people

Suicides among people – Least of suicides occur among people with higher education. Most are committed in the countries of northern and eastern Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Ukraine and Switzerland. Least of suicides recorded in the countries of southern and westernin Portugal, Spain, England, Greece, Georgia and Armenia.

Earth expensivest material – Produced in LHC

Earth expensivest material - CERN Aerial ViewEarth expensivest material - Cloud of antimatter in space

Earth expensivest material – Produced in LHC

Earth expensivest material – This antimatter produced during the collisions of high-energy in the Large Hadron Collider (Large Hadron ColliderLHC), at CERN near Geneva. The LHC is located in Switzerland and France. The construction costs of the facility. The energy needed and, a small amount generated in this way antimatter. Makes grams of material cost 62.5 billion dollars. Second in the list is an artificial isotope of the element called californium 252. It costs $ 50 million per gram.

Cartel planned aging products – Collusion in 1924

Cartel planned aging products - Geneva, Switzerland, 2005

Cartel planned aging products – Collusion in 1924

Cartel planned aging products – Collusion on the planned aging products was first established in 1924. In Geneva bosses of the world’s largest factories bulbs met to set up an illegal cartel. The consequence of their meetings is that the life of light bulbs, has been reduced from 2,500 to up to 1,000 hours. This so-called. Phoebus cartel is only the announcement of the next giant scandals which are revealed today.