Dead Sea salinity – Salt lake without outflow

Dead Sea salinityDead Sea salinityDead Sea salinityDead Sea salinityDead Sea salinityDead Sea salinityDead Sea salinityDead Sea salinityDead Sea salinityIsrael - (07-07-2016)Sunset - Jordan - (2013)View from U.S. Space Shuttle mission-STS-28 - (01-08-1989)Stones at shore - IsraelBeit-HaArava - Before the 1948 Arab–Israeli WarNatural Bitumen from shoreCobble with rock-salt - from Israel

Dead Sea salinity – Salt lake without outflow

Dead Sea salinity – 33.7%, which is 10 times higher than for normal water use. About 40 billion tons of salt are contained in the sea. By evaporating one liter of its water, you can get about 250 grams of this mineral. Due to the high salinity in the Dead Sea, which is actually a salt lake without outflow. There is no right life. For comparison, the salinity of the Baltic Sea is only about 7 ‰.

Dead Sea mud has antiseptic and bactericidal properties.

Gary Gabelich – Exceeded by car 1000 km/h in 1970

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Gary Gabelich – Exceeded by car 1000 km/h in 1970

Gary Gabelich – Exceeded with „Blue Flame” 1000 km/h in 23.10.1970. The average speed was 1001.011968 km / h. Mile, which is measured the speed of the vehicle must overcome two times: back and forth.
The big shiny „The Blue Flame” to save fuel even more. Was pushed by the service car at the start. It further helped him to accelerate to 60 km / h.
During the first run, Gabelich achieved a speed of 993.722 km / h as a result. He drove in the opposite direction, but a little faster – that’s why the speed was 1009.305 km / h.

Until then, records were set with jet engines.

„The Blue Flame” rocket engine was powered by a combination of hydrogen peroxide, and liquid natural gas. Chilled to a temperature of -161 degrees Celsius. As a result, achieved 58 000 HP.
In this way, the engine was running with maximum thrust for 20 seconds. „Blue Flame” was similar to a rocket, except with additional catches at the front and rear for attaching wheels.
Tires, specially designed by Goodyear, had a rather smooth surface to reduce heat.
The vehicle was 11.4 m long and 2.3 m wide. He weighed 1814 kg, with fuel – 2994 kg. One of the biggest troubles just before the start. There was burning through the engine, braking parachute ropes. If you had to stop the car with only disc brakes. You would probably need stretch, a 19 km length.

„The Blue Flame” designed and built by Reaction Dynamics.

With the help of the Illinois Institute of Technology lecturers and students. Dr. T. Paul Torda and Dr. Sarunas C. Uzgiris, professors at IIT, worked on the aerodynamics of the car. While other IIT students and lecturers, they mainly dealt with:
– construction,
– engine,
– steering system,
– brakes.

The speed record broken at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA.

This place is located 160 km west of Salt Lake City. Because 32 thousand years ago there was a huge lake 305 m deep. After it disappeared and the salt substrate hardened. It was created one of the most noteworthy places on Earth, to develop enormous speeds.

Gary Gabelich (29.08.1940 – 26.01.1984)

– During 43 years of life, this Croatian by origin. First of all, he won races, and set speed records on:
– asphalt,
– water (motorboats),
– salt tracks.

He died on a motorcycle on the streets of Long Beach in January 1984. While working on the design and construction of a vehicle capable of reaching supersonic speed (1225 km / h). Prototype named „American Way”, but because of Gabelich death. Work on it canceled.

Chips threat – Health risk caused regular consumption

Chips threat - health risks caused regular consumption - potato-chips

Chips threat – Health risk caused regular consumption

Chips threat – Health risk caused regular consumption – Polish scientists from the Institute of
Food and Nutrition
demonstrated health risks, which carries regular consumption of chips.

Chips contain unhealthy fats, high in salt and acrylamide, which is toxic to the nervous system.
chronic inflammation of the body and increases the risk of cancer. The study was conducted
on a group of
14 persons who at the 4 weeks after every packet of potato chips (160 g).
It turned out that
after this time in their increased blood levels of acrylamide compounds responsible
inflammation in the body (CRP, IL-6) and bad cholesterol (LDL). Further demonstrated that
bound to hemoglobin, so that it can not be efficiently removed from the body.