Naked mole – rat – Heterocephalus glaber

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Naked mole-rat – Heterocephalus glaber

Naked mole-rat – Heterocephalus glaber – Is practically blind and has no pain. This rodent lives in East Africa. It is digging underground corridors in search of tubers and roots. For this he uses the incisors that are in front of the lips, so that the soil does not get into the mouth.
Mole-rats spend almost their entire lives underground without going to the surface. They are unusual for many reasons. Not only are they the only cold-blooded mammals, they are also resistant to cancer, aging, hypoxia and pain.
Their almost completely hairless, thick and wrinkled skin. It is insensitive to abrasions or scratches. Because Mole-rats do not have the key neurotransmitter for pain conduction (substance P).

Naked mole-rats are the longest-living rodents (they live to 30 years)

And their risk of death doesn’t increase with age. These animals have very active mechanisms repair DNA.
They also tolerate extreme hypoxia, which often occurs in narrow and stuffy underground tunnels. When there is a lack of air, mole-rats reduce life activity. They change the energy supply process (break down fructose instead of glucose). In this way they avoid brain damage.
The equally interesting is structure Social. Which resembles swarms of bees or ant colonies. Flocks of these rodents count from several dozen to 300 individuals. At the same time, only the queen and prolific male breeds. The rest are sterile and conscientiously work for the herd.

Parasite forcing to suicide

Parasite forcing to suicide - Parasite Toxoplasmosa gondi

Parasite forcing to suicide

Parasite forcing to suicide – Toxoplasmose Gondi is a lethal parasite of animals, feeding primarily on felines. Protozoan to get to the body cat sees himself mice and rats and in an amazing way affects their behavior. It attacks the nervous system in such a way that rodents do not react with fear at the sight of a cat. On the contrary, the approach of predators.

Acrylamide – Carbohydrate-rich vegetable products

Acrylamide - Acrylamide 3D

Acrylamide – Carbohydrate-rich vegetable products

Acrylamide – It gained notoriety when proven to be carcinogenic in rodents. Formed when carbohydrate-rich vegetable products are baked, fried or toasted. Acrylamide is a part of, among others, coffee, roasted and fried potatoes, potato chips, breakfast cereals, cookies and breads, as well as tobacco smoke.