Selfie publication frequency Facebook

Selfie publication frequency Facebook - Facebook icon

Selfie publication frequency Facebook

Selfie publication frequency Facebook – The most interesting research of psychologists. From the University of Wroclaw is that the frequency of publication selfie on Facebook. Is associated with narcissism in men: the more pictures of yourself Mr. X sends to the wall, the greater the likelihood that he has a narcissistic personality. Interestingly, in women the link between narcissism and sending selfie not found. Anna Oleszkiewicz from the Institute of Psychology, University of Wroclaw. Explains that such directing the lens at each other in men may be more socially acceptable than in women.

It is possible that a large number of selfies published by a man is socially interpreted as a sign of status and, in the case of a woman could be interpreted as a sign of vanity.

Therefore, in the case of narcissistic women flooding your friends. Your photos can be interpreted in other categories than the similar behavior of a man.

Facebook personality status – Private information

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Facebook personality status – Private information

Facebook personality status – Insight into our personality gives, of course, also what we write on our “wall.” People with neurotic personalities (i.e. nervous, oversensitive), tend to showing the interior and sharing very private information. Their statuses are long, full of detail and emotionally charged words, the negative connotations. This has been shown through analysis of 1,300 students from the United States, published in 2015. In the journal “Computers in Human Behavior“. Scientists explain this phenomenon by the fact that such emotional, deeply private ascents much more likely to get sympathetic comments – that is something that people crave a particularly neurotic. Besides neurotics likely than others to communicate with friends on “Walls”, instead of sending them to private e-mails. The idea is that such a message is more difficult to control.

Article planning facebook users

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Article planning facebook users

Article planning facebook users – People with narcissistic personality often write about their diets and progress in the gym: We all know how much lost weight, how many push-ups did as steadfastly hold the form. This is due to the need to pay attention to themselves and social sanctions for their choices. Think psychologists from Brunel University. Who analyzed the behavior of more than a half thousand facebook users.

Fondness for exclamation points are characterized by extroverts (probably because it attracts attention). Who more often than others use positive words. They send more pictures and more often than introverts update their statuses.

Large number of articles available on the side of information – both scientific and political – is a sign that we have to deal with someone called personality open to the experience. These are people interesting news and tolerant. If someone writes a lot especially about their children. Significant probability that a conscientious personality type (that is, those who attach great importance to the planning and order).

Facebook love – Related to personality traits

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Facebook love – Related to personality traits

Facebook love – Related to personality traits – Also how much we discover the love of your life on Facebook. It is related to personality traits. It may also inadvertently reveal information about our relationships. As resulted from research conducted by psychologists from Canada and the United States, frequent publishing reports about the relationship in a public forum Facebook is associated with anxiety. Considering as a person unworthy of being loved and fears of abandonment. While keeping its trade secret and do not write about them almost at all. It may suggest a person avoiding intimacy, not trusting others. Golden mean, of course, is somewhere in the middle – that is neither too much nor too little posts of the beloved.

Interestingly, more people write about their relationship in the days that they do not feel particularly confident feelings partner.