Effective hangover cure – Article “Alcohol and Alcoholism”

Effective hangover cure - L-cysteine - 3D-balls

Effective hangover cure - L-cysteine - 3D-sticks

Effective hangover cure - L-cysteine - 3D

Effective hangover cure - L-cysteine

Effective hangover cure - L-cysteine - 3D

L-cysteine - zwitterion 3D-balls

Aminoacid L-cysteine - 3D-balls - (2009)

Aminoacid L-cysteine - 3D-balls - (2007)

Effective hangover cure – Article “Alcohol and Alcoholism”

Effective hangover cure – Article “Alcohol and Alcoholism”. Finnish researchers have published the results of their research in this journal. In which they claim, to discover an effective hangover cure. It is supposing to be the amino acid L-cysteine. Which can take in the form of a pill after chronic drunkenness. There is some suspicion that only 19 males were tested. And the project finance by a producer of cat food. Which also produces the pills in question.

Superfood – Products with high content healthy substances

Superfood - Dish with healthy substances

Chlorella - Unicellular algae

Superfood - Spirulina

Green Barley - Field in Thuringia

Superfood - Barley field - (22-05-2015)

Goji berries - (27-12-2008)

Superfood - Cranberry - Franklin Farm, section of Oak Hill, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA

Flax seed

Superfood - Chia seeds - Germany

Kefir - pouring into the glass

Superfood - Fermented dairy products - Buttermilk

Yoghurt in a steel vessel

Superfood - Oat Products - Oatmeal

Superfood - Red-Beetroot - before bolting

Superfood - Green tea Matcha - (06-07-2017)

Green tea Matcha - powder, leaf

Superfood – Products with high content of healthy substances

Superfood – Products with high content of healthy substances. The balanced diet, adequate physical activity, enough sleep and reduced stress all affect our health. For that reason, new foods are increasingly being sought. To support a healthy lifestyle. Nutritionists support this  kind of meal very often. These foods contain much more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and help the body to increase its immunity.

However, some critics say that there is no evidence that it have any “superpowers”. And even with food, a large amount does not mean a greater effect. Moreover, many of them are imported from abroad, which also entails some environmental burden. Additionally, you pay more for them.

Products list:

Green products:

Chlorella – Freshwater algae have been in the world for several billion years.

Spirulina – Blue-green cyanosis often confused with chlorella, this organism exists on Earth 3.5 billion years.

Green Barley – Cultivated as the world’s first sweet grass. Most often consumed in the form of a drink.

Dried fruits:

Goji berries – Main advantage of these fruits is the large amount of vitamin C and fiber.

Cranberry – It is especially valued for its high content of vitamins C, K and E.


Flax – The positive effects of eating were already known in ancient Babylon and Egypt.

Chia – Valued and liked by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans.


Fermented dairy products:

KefirEspecially important for the proper composition of the intestinal microflora.

Buttermilk – It protects the intestinal mucosa. From the formation and absorption of toxic substances.

Yogurt – It helps to strengthen the immune system and lower blood cholesterol.

Oat products:

Oat products – The pioneers in its cultivation were probably the Slavs.


Beetroot – It is one of the healthiest and most versatile vegetables. It comes from the Mediterranean basin.

Matcha Green tea:

Matcha Green tea – The oldest Japanese tea that is also used in Buddhist ceremonies.

Flax seeds – Known in ancient Babylon and Egypt

Flax seed


Linum usitatissimum - Osaka Museum of Natural History, Japan - (27-08-2012)

Flax seed - (01-02-2016)

Golden Flax seed - (11-10-2019)

Flax seeds – Known in ancient Babylon and Egypt

Flax seeds – The positive effects of eating flaxseeds were known in ancient Babylon and Egypt. Where they were added to food and medicines. They believed so much in the healing effects that they even gave him a royal seal and enacted law ordering regular consumption of linseed. Little is known that it contains more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon. Significantly contributes to lowering the level of harmful cholesterol in the body, protecting blood vessels and maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

The main reason people consume seeds is because of unsaturated fatty acids and phytoestrogens called lignans. Which are very similar to human hormones and support hormonal balance mainly in women. Especially during menstruation or menopause. Flaxseed is recommended to be used before childbirth, because they relax the birthing canals and help to start proper lactation. They can suppress fatigue, help with stress, and even lower cholesterol and thus the risk of stroke.

Cranberry – Mainly used in treatment of the urinary tract

Cranberry - Franklin Farm, section of Oak Hill, Fairfax County, Virginia

Dried fruits

Cranberry - Cooking

Cranberry cake - Rosja-Novosibirsk-Olivka Cafe

Cranberry juice in a plastic cup

Cranberry – Mainly used in treatment the urinary tract

Cranberry – The health benefits of eating cranberries are well known and the Indians already knew about them. Who used it to lower fever, treat digestive problems and swellings. Especially valued for its high content of vitamins C, K and E. They also contain many minerals such as manganese, magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. They also have a strong antioxidant effect.

Mainly used in treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections. This is because the substances in cranberries make it difficult for bacteria to settle on the surface of the mucous membranes. Thus preventing the infection from spreading further. They also have a very positive effect on our teeth, as they reduce tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis. They are also used to prevent certain types of cancer, improve the immune system, and lower blood pressure.

Goji berries – These fruits are very low in calories

Goji berries - (27-12-2008)

Hulled hemp seeds and Goji - (19-12-2015)

Goji berries - Dried wolfberry

Goji berries - Lycium-barbarum

Lycium-barbarum - (06-06-2017)

Goji berries - Lycium barbarum

Lycium_barbarum - (27-10-2017)

Wolfberries - Zhongning-County-Ningxia-China

Goji berries – These fruits are very low in calories

Goji berries – These fruits are very low in calories. Their main advantage is the large amount of vitamin C and fiber. Goji or wolfberry fruits come from China. Where they have been used for many years because of their healing effects. They have a bright red color and a pointed shape, resembling larger raisins. They taste like something between cranberry, cherry and wild rose. These berries are a very valuable source of nutrients, contain a lot of amino acids, dozens of minerals and vitamins. Thanks to these substances, wolfberries have a significant antioxidant effect.

Wolfberries are a natural source of iron and vitamin A. They acquire a red color due to their high beta-carotene content. These foods have a beneficial effect on the liver and lower blood sugar levels as well. It has also been shown to increase sexual appetite. Also used in the production of natural cosmetics.

Kilauea – United States of America, Hawaii

Dark Ash Plume Rising from Overlook Crater - 15.05.2018Entering the top of the volcanoKīlauea - USGS multimedia fileCaldera of Kīlauea with Halemaumau craterHalema'uma'u crater and Kīlauea calderaKīlauea Caldera and Mauna LoaKīlauea caldera - Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkKīlauea - Eruptions in last 200 yearsLava hits the Pacific Ocean - Hawaii - 2005Kīlauea - Crater of volcano on HawaiiExplosion at Halema'uma'u crater


Kilauea – United States of America, Hawaii


  • Location: United States of America, Hawaii
  • Szczyt: 1247 m a. s. l.

Kilauea is located on the Hawaiian island of Hawai’i (also known as Big Island) and is one of the volcanoes that form it. It occupies 14% of this island. The mountain, on the slope of which the lava flows, belongs to the most active volcanoes in the world. According to the Hawaiian history, it spits out lava uninterruptedly since 1983, an average of 400,000 m³ per day. The volcano was created as a result of tectonic movements of the Pacific plate. Which in 70 million years resulted in the creation of a chain of 6,000 km long submarine volcanoes.

The testimonies of the first eruptions come from 1750. However, we learn from the Polynesian myth that the mountain spit out lava much earlier. The lava flows covered the area of ​​hundreds of square kilometers and affected the appearance of the whole coast line. The indigenous islanders believe that Pele, the goddess of fire, lives on the mountain. Goddess punishes anyone who dares to steal volcanic stones. Being for her like children. A thief of such a stone can expect bad luck that will never leave him.

Locals, to the honor of the goddess Pele, perform ritual dances. According to tradition, they throw flowers and food into the volcano crater, which is to give them favor.

Poisonous birds – Not venomous discovered so far

Poisonous birds - Pitohui dichrousPoisonous birds - Plectropterus gambensisPoisonous birds - Common quail (Coturnix coturnix)

Poisonous birds – Not venomous discovered so far

Poisonous birds – No venomous bird has been discovered so far. That is, one whose body would produce a poisonous substance. That would then be transmitted by pecking or wounding with a claw. There are several groups of poisonous birds, that is, poisoning us when we touch or eat them. Their organisms are also probably not producing toxins, but they are able to obtain them from poisonous insects or plants.

Most of them live in New Guinea. Where are several species of Pitohui. Also representatives of the families, store the strong neurotoxin (batrachotoxin) in the skin.

The Gambian Goose from the Anatidae family living in Africa. It accumulates in its tissues another poison, a kantaridine (it gets it from the eaten beetles). Plectropterus gambensis, however, are poisonous only after their consumption. So they gain little thanks to this weapon (except revenge from beyond the grave). On the other hand, other animals of this species benefit from this – a predator who once encountered goose meat will avoid it.

A similar phenomenon applies to the European Common Quail, whose meat is also poisonous, although only for part of the year. Probably quails get their toxin from being eaten plants, and poisoning them are known for a long time and referred to as a coturnism (from the Latin name of the quail Coturnix coturnix).

Kiwi Chinese gooseberry – Most often cultivated Actinidia deliciosa

Kiwi Chinese gooseberry - Actinidia deliciosaKiwi Chinese gooseberry - KiwifruitKiwi Chinese gooseberry - Kiwifruit (2)Kiwi Chinese gooseberry - Kiwifruit cross section

Kiwi Chinese gooseberry – Most often cultivated Actinidia deliciosa

Kiwi Chinese gooseberry – With over 50 species of kiwi, the most popular is Actindia deliciosa. In China, the fruits of woody Actinidia vines with a green jelly-like flesh in a rough skin have been eaten for a long time. With time, this Chinese gooseberry was cultivated in New Zealand. There, American soldiers stomped on it, stationed on the island during World War II. In the 1960s, farmers introduced these fruits to their export offer. But to increase their market attractiveness, they changed their name to kiwi. Today, New Zealand is one of the largest kiwi exporters in the world, and its symbol is the non-flying kiwi birds.

Three most common allergies – Causes of allergy development

Three most common allergies - Skin prick testing for allergies

Three most common allergies – Causes of allergy development

Three most common allergies – causes of allergy developmentRegardless of what causes allergy,
it is always
inadequate reaction of the body.
Allergy is considered a disease of civilization.
Which affects approx. 20-30% of people, and this number is constantly growing.
studies indicate that the risk of developing allergies carry the genes.

Food allergies: In the food allergy is caused primarily by protein. Allergens work even after heat treatment and after passing through the digestive tract. The spectrum of food allergies is very wide. Mostly allergic to eggs, fish, hazelnuts, milk, celery, fruit, vegetables, flour, peanuts, meat, potatoes and cocoa.

Pollen allergies: This is one of the most common types of allergies. Its occurrence is related to the flowering of plants, whose pollen is the patient’s allergen. Most often they are grass pollen, less common perennial, shrubs and trees. Sometimes the disease persists throughout the year, but during the flowering of the plant. Symptoms such as swelling of the mucous membranes, rhinitis, tearing, and breathing difficulties occur.

Animal allergies: The most common is allergy to cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, horses and exotic birds. Allergens in this case are skin or fur. However, allergens can also cause faeces, urine and saliva of animals.

Dinosaurs nest – Paleontological discovery

Dinosaurs nest - paleontological discovery in Mongolia - Protoceratops Andrewsi

Dinosaurs nest – Paleontological discovery in Mongolia

Dinosaurs nest – paleontological discovery in Mongolia – Paleontologists have discovered
Mongolia population of 70 million years old dinosaur nest kind of Protoceratops Andrewsi.

It was in the 15 newly hatched young. This discovery proves that immature individuals
were in
the nest after hatching and died not only as food for others.
But also because to external conditions.