Flax seeds – Known in ancient Babylon and Egypt

Flax seed


Linum usitatissimum - Osaka Museum of Natural History, Japan - (27-08-2012)

Flax seed - (01-02-2016)

Golden Flax seed - (11-10-2019)

Flax seeds – Known in ancient Babylon and Egypt

Flax seeds – The positive effects of eating flaxseeds were known in ancient Babylon and Egypt. Where they were added to food and medicines. They believed so much in the healing effects that they even gave him a royal seal and enacted law ordering regular consumption of linseed. Little is known that it contains more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon. Significantly contributes to lowering the level of harmful cholesterol in the body, protecting blood vessels and maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

The main reason people consume seeds is because of unsaturated fatty acids and phytoestrogens called lignans. Which are very similar to human hormones and support hormonal balance mainly in women. Especially during menstruation or menopause. Flaxseed is recommended to be used before childbirth, because they relax the birthing canals and help to start proper lactation. They can suppress fatigue, help with stress, and even lower cholesterol and thus the risk of stroke.

VR may cause vomiting – Because of motion sickness

VR may cause vomiting - VR-Helm

VR may cause vomiting – Because of motion sickness

VR may cause vomiting РBecause of motion sickness РIn order to fully enter the virtual reality,
one has to deceive not only the eyes but also the other senses.
This is also the reason why
many virtual reality users can cause problems with motion sickness.
Then the impressions
received by the liar do not agree with the visual stimulus.
In motion sickness,
the eyes see that the body is not moving, and that the labyrinth registers continuous motion,
tilting and acceleration, in the case of nausea caused by virtual reality is quite the opposite.

Eyes see the perfect simulation of space, covering the entire field of view.

However, the brain does not record any motion signals from the labyrinth or other senses.

In both cases there is a sensual dissonance that causes malaise, dizziness, fatigue,
and even vomiting.