Deepwater Horizon – Biggest oil spills

Deepwater Horizon - Fire on the drilling rigDeepwater Horizon - Dark smoke and fire on drilling rig (6 May 2010) Deepwater Horizon - Coast cleanupDeepwater Horizon - Oil spillGulf of Mexico - 28-04-2010Aerial view reconnaissance of Louisiana coastline, USAU.S. Coast-Guard, BP, other federal agencies working after explosion in Gulf of Mexico

Deepwater Horizon – Biggest oil spills

  • Place: Gulf of Mexico
  • Date: 22 april 2010
  • Amount of spill: 779 100 000 liters
  • Costs: $ 5 billion

Deepwater Horizon – It was a floating oil rig. Built in 2001. In 2009, it bore the largest well in history – 10 km. A year later, this record was overshadowed by a tragic explosion. Which created biggest oil spill in history. This tragedy happened at a depth of 1500 m. Two days after the explosion the platform sank. A few months later, technicians managed to introduce a special sealing compound into the damaged well. Which blocked the crack.

The explosion kills

The accident occurred due to highly compressed methane. Which tore the top cover of the drilling rig and exploded after contact with air. It killed 11 people on the spot and then disrupted the platform statistics. Within days, the stain reached the shores of Louisiana. Ravaging nature on the way. The coast of five US states was affected by this. Including the rare Mississippi wetlands. As a result of this disaster, died 6,000 sea turtles, 26 thousand dolphins and whales, 82 thousand birds and huge numbers of fish and invertebrates.

Naked mole – rat – Heterocephalus glaber

Naked mole-rat - Heterocephalus glaber - EatingNaked mole-rat - Heterocephalus glaberHeterocephalus glaber - Louisville-ZooHeterocephalus glaber - Museum of Natural History - Genova, Italy

Naked mole-rat – Heterocephalus glaber

Naked mole-rat – Heterocephalus glaber – Is practically blind and has no pain. This rodent lives in East Africa. It is digging underground corridors in search of tubers and roots. For this he uses the incisors that are in front of the lips, so that the soil does not get into the mouth.
Mole-rats spend almost their entire lives underground without going to the surface. They are unusual for many reasons. Not only are they the only cold-blooded mammals, they are also resistant to cancer, aging, hypoxia and pain.
Their almost completely hairless, thick and wrinkled skin. It is insensitive to abrasions or scratches. Because Mole-rats do not have the key neurotransmitter for pain conduction (substance P).

Naked mole-rats are the longest-living rodents (they live to 30 years)

And their risk of death doesn’t increase with age. These animals have very active mechanisms repair DNA.
They also tolerate extreme hypoxia, which often occurs in narrow and stuffy underground tunnels. When there is a lack of air, mole-rats reduce life activity. They change the energy supply process (break down fructose instead of glucose). In this way they avoid brain damage.
The equally interesting is structure Social. Which resembles swarms of bees or ant colonies. Flocks of these rodents count from several dozen to 300 individuals. At the same time, only the queen and prolific male breeds. The rest are sterile and conscientiously work for the herd.

Fuel cell vehicle – Mode of action and possibilities

Fuel cell vehicle - Hyundai Nexo - Geneva International Motor Show - Le Grand-Saconnex(2018)Fuel cell vehicle - Hyundai Nexo - front - NYIAS (2019)Fuel cell vehicle - Hyundai Nexo - rear - NYIAS (2019)Fuel cell vehicle - Hyundai Nexo - Geneva International Motor Show (2018)Fuel cell vehicle - Hyundai Nexo - Geneva International Motor Show - Le Grand-Saconnex (2018)Hyundai Nexo - Geneva International Motor Show - Le Grand-Saconnex (2019)


Hyundai Nexo - Paris (2018)Hyundai Nexo - rear - Paris (2018)Hyundai Nexo - rear - GIMS - Le Grand-Saconnex (2018)Hyundai Nexo - rear - Seoul South Korea (2018-03-31)Hyundai Nexo - Seoul South Korea (2018-03-31)Hyundai Nexo - Seoul South Korea (2018-03)


Fuel cell vehicle – Mode of action and possibilities

Fuel cell vehicle – Mode of action and possibilities of Hyundai Nexo. – So that the car can be fueled with the most ecological of fuels, hydrogen (from the exhaust pipe is extracted only steam). It must be provided with a compressed gas tank. For example, Hyundai Nexo, available on many European markets, has 156 liters of hydrogen. Which gives him a range of about 660 kilometers on one refueling.
The gas is supplied by cable to fuel cells . Where it is mixed with oxygen from the air. As a result of the reaction that followed. Electricity is produced and – as a by-product – steam. The resulting current drives the motor. Which in the case of the Nexo model generates up to 120 kW and allows a speed of 179 km / h.

Air cost in New York – Real Estate market project

Manhattan from space, NYC, USA - NASAThinscraper tower in Manhattan, NYC, USAAerial view on NYC, USA - 21, 07, 2017Air cost in New York - Hi Line construction, Manhattan - New YorkAir cost in New York - Hudson Yards, Manhattan - New YorkAir cost in New York - New York City High LineAir cost in New York - 30th Street High Line


Air cost in New York – Real Estate market project

Air cost in New York – work on a major project in the US real estate market is now entering a crucial phase. Hudson Yards consists of 15 skyscrapers and fills the last big gap in New York City Tissue. Investors spent $ 25 billion on this neighborhood. Not many people know they had to pay for anything else besides the plot, steel and glass. For something you can’t see or touch – for the air.
Although not very clean, it is in this 8,5-millionaire metropolis as expensive as anywhere else in the world. The reason for this is the reform of building law from 1961 Until then, there were no height limits in the “Big Apple”. In order to prevent the “arms proliferation” of developers, the city has determined how many floors and how many surfaces can be built per square meter of land.
The fact that companies can, since then, simply buy back unused airspace from their neighbours. For example, if the building has only 20 floors and 40. is allowed, the investor can acquire air rights above it and add 20 floors to his project next door. Thanks to this solution, New York schools, theatres and churches are unable to make use of their rights. They gain a lucrative source of income: they can sell rights to space not only to their immediate neighbours, but also to those across the street. In 2014 the church of st. Thomas in Manhattan for the rights to air above the roof received $ 72 million when Goldman Sachs needed an extra area for his skyscrapers.
Hudson Yards Investors couldn’t handle this cheap. They had to pay $ 265 million. But despite construction explosion, the air in New York won’t be long. Statistically speaking, unused rights to space over roofs would be enough to set up about 1300 skyscrapers of the Empire State Building.

432 Park Avenue - 57th Street432 Park Avenue

In New York City, the maximum permissible height of the skyscrapers is decided by the area of the plot. To be able to rise 432 Park Avenue, 426 m high. On a square with sides only 28 at 28 m., it was necessary to buy the airspace of adjacent buildings.

Construction of 111 West 57th Street - 25-05-2019111 West 57th

Measures 438 meters and with a ratio of width of facades, up to a height of 1:24-is the most beautiful cloud in the world. The construction of this luxury skyscraper was only possible thanks to the air above the plot.

Construction of Central Park Tower - 27-04-2019Central Park Tower

The construction of the 472-Foot Central Park Tower is to be completed in 2020 This height was also achieved only because investors bought a lot of airspace rights from neighbouring skyscrapers and used them to build their own skyscrapers.

Aurora Borealis – Causes lightning by making noises

Aurora BorealisAurora Borealis - AuroraAurora Borealis - Northern lightsAurora Borealis - Amundsen-Scott - South Pole stationAurora Borealis - Aurora Australis from ISSAurora Borealis - Aurora Australis

Aurora Borealis – Causes lightning by making noises

Aurora Borealis – arise when the charged particles from the Sun (the so-called solar wind) hit the Earth’s magnetic field. Along its lines are directed to the poles, where they collide with molecules of air. There was a belief that between fairy tales you should put in the history that polar lights sometimes made sounds, even “whispered” – until the case was investigated by scientists from the University of Aalto in Finland. The truth is that when the nights are cold and silent, auroras create rustlings and cracks. Audible for hundreds of kilometers. The reason is the so-called inversion layer. It arises when it is colder near the surface of the planet than at higher levels of the atmosphere. It causes that negatively charged particles from the Sun are trapped in the cold zone. If their accumulation exceeds the critical point. By reacting with positive ions in the atmosphere and causing discharges, rustling and crackling.