Long ago forbidden – Today completely normal

Long ago forbidden – Today completely normal

Long ago forbidden – Today something completely normal:

Long ago forbidden - Football - icon

1. Football: 4 bln fans

In the XIV century England men have to train archery,
and do not waste time on games. Effect: banning football.

Long ago forbidden - Christmas in art

2. Christmas

England, between 1644 and 1660: the Puritans forbid festivities in days
winter solstice – already celebrated by pagans.

Long ago forbidden - Chess

3. Chess

Year 1254: King of France Louis IX considers this strategy game
too boring and useless, so it is forbidden to think about it.

Long ago forbidden - Popcorn

4. Popcorn

In the era of silent film popcorn is considered a cheap snack of the street people,
therefore it is banished from the “luxury” cinemas.

Long ago forbidden - Bowling game

5. Bowling game

In the years 1366-1477 in England only aristocrats can play bowling.
You have to pay 100 pounds for running the bowling alley.

Long ago forbidden - Trousers for women

6. Trousers for women

For 214 years law prohibits Parisiennes wearing trousers.
The law finally disappears in 2013.

Long ago forbidden - Credit card - front

7. Credit cards for women

Until 1974, American women can get a credit card,
only with the consent of her husband.

Long ago forbidden - Coffee - Antoccino Espresso

8. Coffee shops

In 1675, King of England Charles II tries to forbid coffee shops – from fear
that his critics could plan a rebellion there.

Long ago forbidden - Swimsuit

9. Swimsuits

In the early XX century, American cities issue regulations
with a minimum length of swimsuits.

Long ago forbidden - Scrabble

10. Scrabble

Communist dictator of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu,
forbids this game as “over-intellectualized”.

Atari – Founded in 1972 by N.Bushnell and T.Dabney

Atari-800 - Computer 8-bitAtari-2600 - Console (black)Atari-2600 - Console

Atari – Founded in 1972 by N. Bushnell and T. Dabney

Atari – Company founded in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, was a pioneer in the field of computer games. In the 1980s, it belonged to the most important manufacturers of personal computers and computer games. The Pong game was the first video game console to be connected to TV. It subscribed to history thanks to game consoles such as Atari 2600 or the revolutionary 64-bit Atari Jaguar console. It also created one of the first portable Atari Lynx gaming consoles. Among the personal computers, the hit was the 16-bit Atari ST computer system, and later the 8-bit versions of Atari 400/800 / XL / XE, which production lasted until 1992. Four years later, the company was in crisis and the brand Atari was slowly disappearing.
In 2000, the company was taken over by the French company Infogrames. Under the Atari brand, several games have been released. However, on January 21, 2013, the company officially declared bankruptcy.

Fastest car – The longest title belonged to Ferrari

Fastest car - Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Fastest car – The longest title belonged to Ferrari

Fastest car – The longest title belonged to Ferrari – In 2013, first place in the category of fastest cars took the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. Reaching a top speed of 430.98 km / h. The longest title belonged to the Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 Dayton. Which kept it from 1968 to 1984. When he received his Ferrari 288 GTO. Right behind him is the McLaren F1, which remained on the podium for 12 years from 1993 to 2005. In which it was dethroned by Bugatti Veyron.

27 February 2014 American Hennessey Venom GT became the fastest car in the world, and this is thanks to Brian Smith. Which at the Kennedy Space Center landing strip for the shuttle drove at a speed of 435.31 km / h. Despite this speed, Venom has not been officially recognized as the fastest production car by the Guinness Book of Records. Car did not meet a number of conditions.

Anthropoids penis size

Anthropoids penis size - Marilyn Monroe with chimpanzee

Anthropoids penis size

Anthropoids penis size – According to a study conducted in 2013 at Indiana University. The average of human male penis length in erection is 14, 15 cm. The best equipped, the mammal is a chimpanzee chief, whose penis in erection reaches a length of 8 cm. Larger orangutans have almost twice shorter penis, and male gorillas, which reach adulthood growth of 165-175 cm and weigh 140-204 kg, have a penis length of only 3 cm.

Earth’s magnetic field weakening

Earth's magnetic field weakening - North magnetic pole

Earth’s magnetic field weakening

Earth’s magnetic field weakening – Swarm mission, launched by the European Space Agency (ESA), launched in 11.2013. Satellites of this mission performed photos, which showed that the magnetic field of our planet is still weakening. The measurements confirmed the movement of the Earth’s North Pole to Siberia. Scientists will now investigate whether this is a temporary trend, or constant.

Threats to humanity – Existential risk

Threats to humanity - Jaan Tallinn

Threats to humanity – Existential risk

Threats to humanity – In 2013. At the University of Cambridge opened the institute, which is investigating the most serious threats to humanity: artificial intelligence, climate change, nuclear war and biotechnologies. The plant bears a frightening name Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER, “research center existential risk”) and apart from philosophers working in the IT specialists and engineers, for example. Jaan Tallinn, co-founder of Skype.

Money affects morality – Perception of good and evil

Money affects morality - US Currency Federal Reserve

Money affects morality – Perception of good and evil

Money affects morality – The survey of 2013. Carried out at Harvard University and the University of Utah showed that thinking about money can affect our perception of good and evil. And set our moral compass. It can cause people will subconsciously make unethical decisions.

HIV in Poland – Statistics from 2011 – 2013

HIV in Poland - statistics from 2011 - 2013 - HIV Virus

HIV in Poland – Statistics from 2011 – 2013

HIV in Poland – Doctors in Poland in 2013. Discovered HIV at approx. 1,100 new patients. In 2011-2012, declined in Poland, the number of AIDS patients from more than 1,100 to less than 1,000 per year and in 2013. Died more than 250 AIDS patients. Most new HIV cases are detected Mazowieckie (approx. 240 cases) and in Lower Silesia (about 120 cases). HIV was detected most frequently in men aged 30 to 39 years.

Yutu Jade Rabbit – Chinese space program

Yutu Jade Rabbit - Chang'e-3 lunar landing siteYutu Jade Rabbit - Driving Distances on Mars and the Moon

Yutu Jade Rabbit – Chinese space program

Yutu Jade Rabbit – The ambitious Chinese space program Chang’e took part lunar rover Yutu (“Jade Rabbit“) – The Chinese have chosen this name in the nationwide vote. Jade Rabbit landed on the moon December 15, 2013.. According to Chinese scientists on the way Rabbit came a sharp stone, which caused extensive damage. Chinese Jade Rabbit no longer traverses the lunar plains, only slowly waiting for his death