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Space probe Voyager 1 – Duration and range record

Space probe Voyager 1 – It’s so far from Earth that it sends out radio signals. They need 20 hours to reach us. This is a record not only in terms of duration, but also coverage. The Voyager 1 probe, launched in 1977, is currently the furthest sent object made by our civilization.

In 2012 passed the so-called heliopause.

The area where the solar wind pressure becomes less than the interstellar wind pressure. Thus leaving the solar system. More importantly, the probe is still working and sending data. Its plutonium battery should ensure operation at least until 2025.

Even then, Voyager 1 will fly ahead.

Although it moves at a huge speed of over 60,000 km / h. If we measure it in relation to the position of the sun. Only for 30 thousand years will pass the Oort cloud – the furthest cluster of matter gravitationally connected to the solar system. He will leave us for good, heading toward the constellation Ophiuchus.

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