Space probe New Horizons - Pluto in true colorSpace probe New Horizons - Charon, image from NASA

Space probe New HorizonsSpace probe New Horizons, NASASpace probe New Horizons - Pluto and Charon, photo by NASA

Space probe New Horizons – Heading to Kuiper Belt

Space probe New Horizons – On Tuesday, July 14, 2015. Flew by Pluto. It was from him at a distance of 12.5 thousand. km, running at a speed of 13.7 km / s. New Horizons has brought us a lot of new information about the dwarf planet of the Solar System. It turned out, eg., That some formations count of less than 100 million years, so they are quite young and continuously evolving. With the mission also confirmed the synchronous rotation of Pluto’s largest moon Charon. Now the probe is heading to the Kuiper Belt, which extends from the orbit of Neptune (approx. 30 au from the Sun; 1 astronomical unit is approx. 149.5 million km) up to a distance of 55 au from the sun.

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