Records among trees - Palm Beach of Preveli -  with the mouth of Megalopotamos river - CreteRecords among trees - Trails in forest on a mountainside - Plužna, Slovenia - (2017-05-07)Records among trees - View of trail in forest - Jyväskylä, Finland - (2015-11-01)

Records among trees – What we owe to trees

Records among trees – The largest trees are often giant plants. Which began to grow at the same time as people founded the first cities.
Trees began to grow on Earth about 370 million years ago. Currently, about 100,000 grow on Earth. tree species. Of which 8,000 species are threatened with extinction, and almost 1,000 are in critical condition.
The forest presents a unified and connected system, capable of communication and mutual assistance. The trees communicate with each other. They help and provide each other with missing ingredients.

List of records among trees:

Sequoia sempervirens - Redwood National Park, CaliforniaRedwood National ParkSequoia sempervirens - Redwood National Park

Redwood evergreen – Sequoia sempervirens

Records among trees - Giant Mammoth - Sequoiadendron giganteum - General ShermanRecords among trees - Giant Mammoth - General ShermanRecords among trees - Sequoiadendron giganteum - (General Sherman)

Giant Mammoth – Sequoiadendron giganteum

Records among trees - Mexican cypress - Taxodium mucronatum - El Árbol del TuleRecords among trees - Mexican cypress - El Árbol del TuleRecords among trees - Taxodium mucronatum - El Árbol del Tule

Mexican cypress – Taxodium mucronatum

Records among trees - Abies squamata - Botanic Garden, Dresden, Germany - (2013-12-10)Records among trees - Fir - Abies squamata - Botanic_Garden_Dresden-Germany- (2013-12-10)

Fir – Abies squamata – Highest growing tree

Records among trees - Bengal ficus - Ficus benghalensis - Thimmamma marrimanu

Bengal ficus – Ficus benghalensis

Aspen grove - Fishlake National ForestPando - Utah, United StatesTrunk or stem

Pando – Thousands trunks grows out one root system

Old Tjikko - Fulufjället-Dalarna-Sweden - 9550-years - (2015-08-19)Norway spruce - Picea abies - Old TjikkoOld-Tjikko - Fulufjället - (2015-08-19)

Norway spruce – Picea abies – Old Tjikko

Highmountain willow - Salix herbacea - Botanic-Garden - Berlin, Germany (2018-05-22)Salix herbacea - Fruits found near Wildgrat - Austria - at 2490 m. - (2007-07-25)Salix herbacea - (2015-07-02)

Highmountain willow – Salix herbacea

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