Plants difference – Suitable for Christmas tree

Plants difference – Suitable for Christmas tree – What is the difference:

Fir (Abies)

Plants difference - Fir (Abies)

  1. Branches pointing up, form a triangle
  2. Short rounded needles on the opposite sides of the branch
  3. Longitudinal protruding cones
  4. Stays at home for a long time

Pine (Pinus)

Plants difference - Pine (Pinus)

  1. Asymmetrical tree shape
  2. Rare, long, prickly needles
  3. Cones round
  4. Pleasant smell

Norway spruce (Picea)

Plants difference - Norway spruce (Picea)

  1. Branches hanging down
  2. Short needles, grow around the branches
  3. Longitudinal hanging cones
  4. Quickly loses needles at home

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