Planetoid 3753 CruithnePlanetoid 3753 Cruithne

Planetoid 3753 Cruithne – Discovered in 1986

Planetoid 3753 Cruithne – Discovered in 1986. Its the so-called quasi-moon. Its orbit is irregular and resembles a horseshoe shape. The full trajectory lasts 770 years. In less than 3000 years, the asteroid may collide with Earth. He approaches our planet for a minimum distance of about 15 million. km. The last such approximation took place in 1900, the next one will be in 2285. If this does not happen, Cruithne is in danger of collision with Venus in 8,000 years. In the vicinity of Earth there are also two other quasi-moons named 2006 FV35 and 2010 SO16. Humanity has not come up with an effective way to prevent the possible collision of asteroids with Earth.

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