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Pico del Teide – Spain, Tenerife


  • Location: Spain, Tenerife
  • Peak: 3718 m a.s.l.

Pico del Teide volcano is located in Tenerife, which is the largest of the seven Canary Islands. The mountain lies near the north-west coast of Africa and occupies the greater part of the island’s surface. The crater’s circumference is unbelievable 48 km. Tenerife experienced its greatest eruption in 1709, when a stream of lava destroyed most of the port of Garachico and the northern coast. Magma sailed the valley for nine days. For the last time the volcano was active in 1909. When through the north-western slope of the mountain, flowed a lava river, long for 5 km.

Along the foot of the volcano spreads a very fertile lowland, which is moist and green all year long. Bananas, almonds, orange trees and vegetables are grown there. The southern slopes, on the contrary – moisture and rain almost do not know. The mountain can boast a world record – at sunrise the volcano casts a pyramid-shaped shadow, up to 200 km long. Which is undoubtedly the longest shadow in the world.

In the Stone Age people considered the volcano as the seat of the cruel god Guayot. During one of his trips to the New World, Christopher Columbus witnessed the activity of this dangerous mountain.

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