Oldest pictogram – Presentation of concept

Oldest pictogram - presentation of concept with image - Göbekli Tepe map

Oldest pictogram – Presentation of concept

Oldest pictogram – Presentation of concept with image – Archaeologists in Gobekli Tepe
in Turkey have found the oldest pictogram, the representation of the concept with the image.

On one of the obelisks they discovered the drawing of a human head in the wing of the vulture
and the headless human body under the stele.
Around the body are birds and scorpions.
According to experts, this is a pictorial representation of a particular event.
The drawing comes
from 12 thousands

Probably the scene is related to funeral rituals. At that time, people buried dead in open graves,
where they left them to devour predators and scavengers.

The locals believed that the soul of the deceased would then go to heaven.
Imagery about
the funeral habits of the then Gobekli Tepe inhabitants, archaeologists gain first of all from
the findings of the oldest temple complex that served as a religious center for a larger region.

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