Northrop P-61 Black WidowNorthrop P-61 Black WidowNorthrop P-61 Black Widow - NACANorthrop P-61 Black Widow - CaliforniaBlack Widow - 427th Night Fighter Squadron - (01-01-1944)Black Widow - 548th Night Fighter Squadron - The Spook - (01-01-1944)Green airborne - (05-06-2005)Black Widow - San-Diego - Air-and-Space-Museum - (01-07-2016)

Northrop P-61 Black Widow – Top 10 night fighter planes

  • Place: USA
  • First flight: 1942
  • Built: 742 pcs.

Northrop P-61 Black Widow – The “Black Widow” aircraft from the manufacturer Northrop Corporation was the only fighter of World War II. From the beginning, designed exclusively for night flying. The basic equipment included: a large American SCR-720 Al radar mounted on the bow, a turret with 4 12.7 mm machine guns, and four 20 mm cannons mounted permanently under the fuselage. Immediately after the war, several dozen of these aircraft were rebuilt to the F-15 Reporter version. Dedicated only to take photographic images. From 1955, the US withdrew both types of aircraft.

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