Largest helicopter - Helicopter Mil Mi-26

Largest helicopter – Russian Mil Mi-26

Largest helicopter – Russian Mil Mi-26, designed in the late 70s, which is in production today, it’s still the biggest helicopter in the world. It has over 40 m in length, 8.1 m in height and rotor diameter of 32 meters. Mil Mi-26 is the first and only helicopter, having an eight-bladed rotor. Without load weighs 28 tons and its maximum takeoff weight is 56 tons. It can fly at a speed of 295 km / h and carry 90 soldiers. It is used for military purposes, eg. In the framework of NATO, but during its history, also used in many civil cases. For instance, in 1999. With the Mil Mi-26 were transported frozen mammoth discovered in Siberia to the lab.

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