Decimal prefixes (SI)
Name Symbol Multiplier
kilobit kB 10³=1000¹
megabit Mb 10⁶=1000²
gigabit Gb 10⁹=1000³
terabit Tb 10¹²=1000⁴
petabit Pb 10¹⁵=1000⁵
exabit Eb 10¹⁸=1000⁶
zettabit Zb 10²¹=1000⁷
yottabit Yb 10²⁴=1000⁸

Information electronic form – Human has 295 exabits

Information electronic form – Researchers at the University of Southern California (USA) found that mankind has 295 exabits information. Personal computers and modern notebooks usually have memory approx. 100 Gb or more. In 1986. information was recorded on paper as archives, books, newspapers, etc.. The rest fell on the tapes, phonograph records, videos, photographs. Currently, only 0.07% of all the information on the paper. As many as 52% of global data is stored in retentive memory computers. It is followed by optical media (28% of information), DVRs (11%).

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