Gravity waves - Merging Black HolesGravity waves

Gravity waves – Strongly shocked the scientists

Gravity waves – 14 September 2015 Recorded wave, which strongly shook the scientific community. The resulting “puckering up” space after the collision of two black holes, each having a weight of approx. 30 times greater than the sun. The existence of this phenomenon over 100 years ago predicted by Albert Einstein in the general theory of relativity. His theory was that the gravitational waves produced by massive accelerating objects. At the same time they can not be directly detected, because they are very small. Calculations showed that the change in gravitational issued by two orbiting black holes themselves would extend the line with a length of about a million kilometers distance smaller than the size of an atom.

Astronomers have for decades sought evidence of the existence of gravitational waves not only to confirm the theory of relativity, which began the modern era of research the origin and development of space, but also in order to test the hypothesis of cosmological inflation of the 80s.

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