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Golden Eagle – Most luxurious trains

  • Place: Russia, Mongolia, China
  • Route: Moscow – Vladivostok
  • Number of seats: 132
  • Cost: approx. 5000 PLN per person per day

– The „Golden Eagle” route leads through Russia, the so-called Trans-Siberian Highway, which runs from Moscow to Vladivostok. During the journey, passengers see many sights along the way and can admire the beautiful Russian landscape. You can also choose the route leading to Mongolia or Beijing in China. the train overhaul, converted into Polish currency, cost PLN 112 million.


A restaurant with international and Russian cuisine is available on the train. So passengers can try: delicious borscht, caviar, fish called Baikal Bait. Whose only habitat is Lake Baikal. Wines from around the world are served with meals, and of course vodka. This wonderful experience is complemented by a pianist who has mainly Russian songs in his repertoire. First and second class apartments are fully air-conditioned. Equipped with the best audio and video equipment, a comfortable sofa and showers. They differ only in size.


This wonderful journey lasts almost two weeks. Traversing 10,000 km and 8 time zones.

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