Giant Saguaro cactus - Saguaro National Park, Rincon ValleyGiant Saguaro cactus - Sentinel Peak, Tucson, ArizonaGiant Saguaro cactus - Arizona - Saguaro Cactus
Giant Saguaro cactus - Pachycereus pringlei, Sonora, MexicoGiant Saguaro cactus - Pachycereus pringlei with osprey nestGiant Saguaro cactus - Pachycereus pringlei, Rancho Punta Estrella, San Felipe, California, Mexico

Giant Saguaro cactus – Symbol of American deserts

Giant Saguaro cactus – It’s a symbol of American desert landscapes. Fascinates with its uniqueness both locals and tourists. Saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea), is the only representative of the genus Carnegiea, the highest cactus in the world. It reaches a height of 20 meters and is a decoration of desert scenery, especially Sonora and other parts of Arizona and California. Although it is not an endangered species, America is particularly concerned about its protection.
In the first place classification of the highest cactus in the world is a 150-year-old giant carnival, which grew in Arizona and reached the height of 23.8 meters. This admirable cactus fell victim to unfavorable weather conditions in 1986. Although it is still an invincible record holder, some species are trying to catch up with him. For example, the leader of the genus Pachycereus pringlei, reached 19.2 meters.

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